Blade Runner and Alien are on to have a live-action TV series

Blade Runner and Alien are on to have a live-action TV series ...

When Ridley Scott madeAlienin 1979 andBlade Runnerin 1982, it was not possible to be movies. Television in thatera was not equipped for the budgets, the style, not to mention the adult themes and content of these dark, violent, bleak science-fiction movies. 40 years later, everything has changed. Cable and streaming television is now home to the most sophisticated storytelling, while movies are becoming the exclusive domain of only the most popular franchises and the tiniest of indie movies.

In an interview with BBC, Scott told the BBC (viaVariety) that both projects are in the development stages. In response toBlade Runner, he said:

The first ten hours of the film for Blade Runner and the bible have been written. So, were already developing Blade Runner as a TV show.

A script and a bible are being drawn for the next eight or ten hour series as forAlien.

This is not the first time word has evolved into a potentialAlien TV series. Last December, Disney announced that Noah Hawley, the creator of the TV version ofFargo, would adapt the film to television. At the time, the show was described as "the firstAlienwork that takes place on Earth rather than deep space.

ThoughBlade Runner is somewhat further away from Alien, this is the first time we have heard about theBlade Runner series since the last fall. (Blade Runner is currently the subject of an anime series on Cartoon Network, Black Lotus.) Well see which show actually makes it to the air first.

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