Tom Holland wants to be the next James Bond player

Tom Holland wants to be the next James Bond player ...

People are eager to speculate on the identity of the next actor to play James Bond. But now Bond has officially retired from the franchise with this fallsNo Time to Die. Bonds has stated that the search for the next 007 will begin next year. Who will be it?

Spider-Man star Tom Holland has dragged his hat to the ring in a long tense profile with GQ. According to Holland''s frequent co-star, Jacob Batalon, he talked about being James Bond a lot.

Holland himself isn''t quoted in the text about his apparent Bond ambitions, but they are certainly not outrageous. He has already led one major franchise, including a second Uncharted, which will be released next year. He is a well-known actor, he is British, and is athletic, he can perform battles and stunts. He has acquired the majority of the necessary abilities to be Bond.

If there is a reason to think Holland will be the next Bond its that he basically might play the version of Daniel Craig''s character: the young,idealistic secret agent who learns about how the world works as he becomes a villainous 007. It''s wrong to assume that the producers will have just explored that Bondin five movies, and if not an older Bond then at least more of a classical one, or one that enriches the part that''s not unlike Daniel Craig did. But im not

Hollands latest Spider-Man, No Way Home, opens in theaters on December 17, 2021, irrespective of whether his Bond dreams are true.

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