The Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Is reported to be $51 Million in the Red

The Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Is reported to be $51 Million in the Red ...

According to a new lawsuit filed by Anthony McCarten, Bohemian Rhapsody, the 2018 Queen biopic starring Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury, is reportedly worth $50 million in the red.

McCarten filed a breach of contract lawsuit against film producer Graham King and his company, GK Films, according to Deadline. At some point, King turned over his deals to Fox (now owned by Disney), but McCarten has yet to see any of the money he is owed.

McCarten and his attorneys are seeking monetary damages in an amount to be discovered at trial, as well as a full accounting of the film, which cost $216 million domestically and $911 million worldwide, despite a $52 million budget.

The 50-page lawsuit cites the first of three agreements McCarten reached with WAGW, Inc in 2015 for an amount equal to five percent of the net proceeds. Fox, however, claims McCarten is paid only through the Definition of the Net Proceeds, not by the GK Films standard, as modified through good faith negotiations.

Increasingly, many large studios have a knack for defining profit in byzantine ways and then imposing arbitrarily expensive distribution fees, administrative fees, overhead fees, etc. in order to avoid writers from seeing the debt they have owed.

Fox claims that even if Bohemian Rhapsody was a box office smash, it made no net profits due to its huge expenses, and that the studio does not owe McCarten any money.

Art Buchwald, a popular scholar and writer, was involved in a similar court battle about the 1988 film Coming to America, which included Eddie Murphy. The movie, which grossed $288 million worldwide, but Paramount Pictures made a claim about its full profit by claiming that it had no net earnings from which to pay Buchwald. Murphy, who by 1988 was paying in gross earnings, derisively described net proceeds as monkey points in a deposition.

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