It Might Be Time to Move On From Spider-Man, According to Tom Holland

It Might Be Time to Move On From Spider-Man, According to Tom Holland ...

Spider-Man is a young mans game; in decades of Marvel comics, hes been a guy in high school, or college, or grad school; yet, today, he''s probably a guy who is 30 years old at the absolute oldest. So the actors who play Peter Parker tend to age out of the role substantially faster than many others. (Sam Jackson is still going strong as Nick Fury at the age of 72.)In less than 20 years, the Spider-Man franchise has had three different

Tom Hollands'' contract to play Marvels Spider-Man ends with next monthsSpider-Man: No Way Home.Holland has previously stated that if they want me back I''ll be there in a heartbeat to do more movies. But now he seems a lot less confident of his future as a superhero. He also said that it may be time to move on.

Maybe it''s best for Spider-Manis to produce a Miles Morales film. I have to keep Peter Parker in mind, as he is an essential part of my life. However, if I''m playing Spider-Man after my 30, I''ve done something wrong.

Holland is currently 25, which means he may make a second Spider-Man film before hes doing something wrong in his estimation; maybe two if he really pushes it. But that would be the case.

As Peter develops into the Marvel Cinematic Universe over his 30th birthday, Tobey Maguires will have a hand in the long run. But then it becomes clear what Marvel will do next. Or dotake Holland''s concept and introduce a Miles Morales, who will be a Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man for the next couple of years? It''s no surprise that the clock is ticking.

On December 17, 2021, Spider-Man: No Way Home will be released in theaters.

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