Pixar Unleashes the Inner Panda in Turning Red

Pixar Unleashes the Inner Panda in Turning Red ...

Pixar has appeared to be among the most impacted studios due to the coronavirus outbreak. Onward premiered right as the first wave struck the United States soil, causing delays for its box office receipts. Then Disney put the next two films,SoulandLuca, on Disney+ for free. That was great for Disney+ subscribers, but it certainly didn''t boost the value of Pixars productions, after decades as the gold standard in American animation.

HopefullyTurning Red is the film that gets the studio back on track. It certainly looks quite a lot fun, based on the trailers. The latest is out now, and it suggests that directorDomee Shi has transformed her light and quirky charm from her short Bao into a feature film. It follows a young teen girl who transforms into an enormous red panda. Watch it below:

Pixar is enthused by the fact that the film includes the company''s first-ever boy band, a fictional creation called 4*Town. In reality, the bands songs were written byBillie Eilish and FINNEAS. Here''s the trailer''s list of films:

Mei Lee, a confident, painful 13-year-old confused between staying her mothers, Sandra Oh, and the chaos of adolescence, is introduced on Disney and Pixars Turning Red. When she gets too excited (which is almost ALWAYS), she turns her into a giant red panda!

Turning Red will be launched in theaters on March 11, 2022.

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