AfterlifeReview: A Popular Ghostbuster Franchise Goes Bust

AfterlifeReview: A Popular Ghostbuster Franchise Goes Bust ...

The titleGhostbusters: Afterlife suggests that this franchise is already dead. Perhaps it is. At worst, this series now exists only to give audience the opportunity to relax in their warm memories of previous, better films. At worst, Afterlifeisa, a coldly calculated exercise innostalgiasploitation, is entirely disgruntled with the originalGhostbusters, both in terms of its gadgets, costumes, special effects, and scores. The result plays like a technically proficient but soulless

The trailers have scrupulously avoided revealing many of the most important features of the plot, including the very first scene, so I will try to proceed carefully. While the original Ghostbustersteam does reap, the main characters are Callie (Carrie Coon), Trevor (Finn Wolfhard, and Phoebe (Mckenna Grace) who have been separated from their apartment as their father passes somewhere in Oklahoma, leaving them a pile of dirt and rusted junk.

The family begins defending their town from a spectral invasion with a hidden lab full of ghostbusting equipment hidden under a barn. Trevor finds the old Ecto-1 in the garage for a very specific reason.

When Egon''s motivations for abandoning the rest of the Ghostbusters and relocating to a farm in the middle of nowhere are revealed, they are completely unsatisfied and ignorant. I''m not sure if Reitman or his co-writer Gil Kenan wanted to do so without allowing him to isolate himself from his friends and family, while also establishing him as both absence and presence in Afterlife.

The rest of the story is affected by a similar lack of logic. Phoebe is excellent but she also has to attend summer school, where her teacher, Paul Rudd, hates his job and his peers, but is also an expert seismologist and even the only person alive who remembers that 35 years ago the Ghostbusters stopped a giant marshmallow guy from making the end of the world. In summerville, there are maybe 20 people living in the city who are not only a ghost, but everyone is either working or

The cast does what they can with some very underwritten roles. Callies entire personalitystems from her hatred of her father. It''s not even clear what Rudd does with her time at school and busting ghosts. Rudd has exactly the right comic ability for a modernGhostbusters, but the script leaves him little to do but explain the first films events andtechnology to those younger people who are all adorable and eager to be involved in a bizarre attempt to transfer everything from a home (not to mention anarrative

Reitman lingers over the old Ghostbusters traps, PKE meters, and proton packs in just 125 minutes. He makes sure that his favourite actors include Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Ernie Hudson. In their limited scenes, they both become much more funny and fun, and each one becomes a reclusive character for a minute or two.

Jason Reitman loves the originalGhostbusters. He understands it fairly well. But it wasn''t just that the guys wore cool jumpsuits or had fun gadgets, or that science appear to be cool to a generation of budding nerds. The ghosts aren''t just the villains. So the EPAs Walter Peck, the director of the Sedgwick Hotel, believes that even Gozer, with her supernatural heels and supermodel haircut, belongs to the group.

Afterlife.Phoebe is no stranger to her vast intellect and science, but none of the kids at school tease or antagonize her. Trevor is enamored with him almost immediately and their relationship continues without a hole. There is a local sheriff, played by Bokeem Woodbine, but his role isso brief he doesn''t pose a threat to the new Ghostbusters. There are no human villains, in other words, Reitman finds nothing to replace

Even if you dislike the 1984Ghostbusters as much as Jason Reitman (or, frankly, me), you must at least acknowledge that the film had wit and style, and that it was not necessarily a movie for kids in the 80s. Aykroyd initially intended the project as a vehicle for him and John Belushi, but the final production maintained a lot of grit and grime, with a ton of scares and an awful amount of off-color humor. Afterlife

Additional Thoughts

Jason Reitman said he''d had the luckiest childhood possible, because he got to hang out with his dads films and hang out on the set of the originalGhostbusters.YetAfterlife features two differentdeadbeat dads who died in their lives during their lifetime. That''s a weird way to pay tribute to your beloved father.


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