Afterlife, an Ecto Cooler is returning for Ghostbusters

Afterlife, an Ecto Cooler is returning for Ghostbusters ...

Bull Murray and Dan Aykroyd wearing jumpsuits were introduced to grocery stores in the late 1980s to promote the Real Ghostbusters animated series, along with the subsequentGhostbusters II film. The packaging included photographs of the particularly green fruit the orange, along with a drawing of the animated Slimer fromThe Real Ghostbusters.

Children walked away with the idea of drinking a concoction from ghostly excretions. Hi-C continued selling Ecto Cooler into the early 2000s, before renaming it without the ghost and slime connotations as Shoutin'''' Orange Tangergreen. Any time, fans beg for Ecto Cooler to make a comeback. (Some are still available on eBay now, although at this point you may turn green if you drink them.)

OneGhostbusters relaunch has come, following the afterlife, as Ivo Shandor''s love of Gozer is apparent. This time, Ecto Cooler will not be for sale and will only be part of an exclusive commemorative drop. That''s at least according to the video posted to theGhostbusters and Hi-C instsagram accounts:

The vintage Ecto Cooler commercial in 1989 was influenced by the trailer.

The details are pretty vague, but as per the evidence, if you tweet at Hi-C on Twitter, you may send you some, or at least let you know when it''s available? If you get more information, please let us know.

Why is it so difficult to just make enough of new Ecto Cooler for everybody? Theyve learned that this movie was coming out for months and months, but it was delayed for about a year because of Covid. The Ecto Cooler should now be stockpiled. The way it should be splintered out of the top fo the warehouse when they shut down the containment grid at the end ofGhostbusters 1. Oh well.

This Friday, Ghostbusters: Afterlife will be released in cinemas.

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