Paramount Plus is developing a Fatal Attraction Series

Paramount Plus is developing a Fatal Attraction Series ...

The #2 film of 1987, which was also nominated for six Academy Awards, became a major character in the late 80s, but effectively fueled the entire erotic thriller genre all by itself. In the past, there have been several attempts to transform it into a television series.

The most recent effort appears to be coming together on Paramount+.Deadlinereports that the streaming service has ordered a season of theFatal AttractionTV series, which will starMasters of Sexs Lizzy Caplan in the role played by Glenn Close in the film.

Through the lens of modern attitudes towards strong women, personality disorders, and coercive control, the series is conceived by Alexandra Cunningham (Dirty John) from a book she co-wrote with Kevin J. Hynes. Caplan plays Alex, who becomes obsessive after a brief affair. Dan is currently directing the male lead role of the lover, played by Michael Douglas.

There is a lot more competition for eyeballs today than in 1987. But I could see the aFatal Attractiontelevision series doing well in 2021, assuming it had the appropriate cast and edgy content. It does feel like this is one streaming series that isn''t going to be ignored. (Im sorry, I tried not to write it. I couldnt help it.)

You may enroll in Paramount+ here.

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