Photos of Charlie Chaplin's Granddaughter Kiera, 39, Sizzles In A Black Gown At Cannes Film Festival

Photos of Charlie Chaplin's Granddaughter Kiera, 39, Sizzles In A Black Gown At Cannes Film Festival ...

When Kiera attended the Chopard Loves Cinema dinner at the Hotel Martinez on Saturday (May 21) she wore a black glittery dress, which featured a silvery clutch that matched her glittery earrings. Oona ONeill, the granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin, completed the outfit with a pair of gold pumps.

Kiera, a Swiss recording engineer and documentary filmmaker, was born on July 1, 1982, and has three children. She told SFGate in 2006 that she knew exactly what her grandfather was, and that there were a statue and a Charlie Chaplin park, and a bar named after him. I remember remembering, okay, I know he was a famous actor, but is that the name of our bar?

Though Charlie Chaplin is considered a film icon, his fame garnered widespread scrutiny and, eventually, extensive persecution. In 1948, ten directors, screenwriters, and producers were sentenced to prison for refusing to cooperate with a congressional investigation. Chaplin''s name was no longer found on the Hollywood blacklist, although he would no longer know any connection with Communism.

In 1952, Chaplin and his family departed New York to England, but he received a telegram that informed him that Thomas McGranery had issued an order prohibiting him from returning to the United States and requested his participation in an immigration hearing. Chaplin refused to cooperate and started a new life in Switzerland.

Kiera has followed in the family industry. Despite her appearance as a model, she has seen in films such as The Importance of Being Earnest, Japan, and Interno Giorno. Since March 2019, she has been president of the Fondation Fleur du Desert in Paris.

Kiera said that while she was young, I scouted in the dictionary and saw Charlie Chaplin and Eugene ONeill, and began to realize little by little that, my god, they were both so important to the whole world, not only our family.

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