For Memorial Day, the TikTok-Famous Primrose Mirror is on rare sale at Anthropologie

For Memorial Day, the TikTok-Famous Primrose Mirror is on rare sale at Anthropologie ...

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Even before I went on TikTok, I knew about the Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror. Even then, I coveted it. It''s iconic for a reason, but it''s so out of my budget. Anthropologies Memorial Day sale includes furniture and decor. That means the Gleaming Primrose Mirror is now discounted. Yep, right!

This stunning mirror is only available on every.single.size. (which never happens!! ). The smallest size would be perfect above a dresser or on a wall! The largest one would be the best statement maker in living areas, bedrooms, and dining areas. And seeing the type of selfies you may take with this bold decor piece. I imagine this mirror or any lookalikes will not last long either.

In the event you prefer another style of mirror and the Primrose just doesn''t match your mood, I have included a few other Mirrors on Anthro. I personally dont believe a person can own too manyjust don''t break it!

When you shop on the Anthro website, you can avoid becoming limited to browsing mirrors, although there is a vast selection of 4,000+ items on sale right now, including from colorful plates to statement-making rugs. This sale will last until Monday, but I suggest you purchase it ASAP. Anthro sales are rare and the best of the best always goes quickly.

Read on for the mirror on TikTok, as well as a few other elegant options.

The Mirror That Started It All

This is the iconic mirror that everyone is ecstatic with on TikTok, so now is your chance to get the smaller version for up to $100 less than usual (depending on the size you choose)! Don''t throw away your shot, because I''m afraid it will be on sale once more if it happens.

This iconic style allows you to select a few options: the three-foot one would be great to wear on top of dressers or hang above your bed. The other smaller ones would look quite casually placed on your dining room or living area.

After all, nothing means casual as a gold statement mirror.

While the seven-foot floor model is more than $300 off, you may feel better investing in it. And you''ll feel even greater once you see it in your house. Check out the Anthro Mirror in all of its sizes here.

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