Scarlett Johansson Disturbing is referred to as Disney's treatment, according to an important Marvel director

Scarlett Johansson Disturbing is referred to as Disney's treatment, according to an important Marvel ...

The movie "Black Widow" is still churning around the release of Marvel''s Black Widow, which was once again canceled because to pandemic concerns. After all, fans were thrilled by the decision, because to a lack of support from the Russo Brothers for the Disney movie, who also announced that it would be fired on the screen. Russo said he was surprised by the fact that the film "Dear Man" had only released the original version on June 26. This time

The drama is still churning around the release of Marvels Black Widow a year later. Now Joe Russo, the half-time director of the Disney+ Scarlett Johansson team, has decided to drop his viewpoint. During an interview with Den of Geek to promote and discuss their upcoming Netflix spy thriller, The Gray Man, the filmmaker spoke about his future of streamer content.

Russo expressed his gratitude for the approach made by streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon to allow for new content to be limited, but said the development of Black Widow has been profoundly impacted by the upcoming release, causing the audience to be disgruntled. This is because, according to Russo, the actress is a good friend of theirs and both were happy to see the conflict come to an end.

Fans were surprised to see Black Widowset''s release date last June due to a host of problems, but Disney+ refused to let the theatrical release follow the streamer release, resulting in a significant decrease in ticket sales. Thor: Ragnarok opened at $122.8 million, whereas Black Widow only exceeded the $80.4 million threshold.

As much as Thor, Captain America, or Iron Man, the expectations for Black Widow were enormous, which made the game even more frustrating. Despite Johansson''s involvement in both movies, Disney pushed it away, leaving us with a sour taste in the eyes on the studio now backing the superhero films.

While things have settled down, and the fight between Scarlett Johansson and Disney has been resolved, bridges have been burned and the future of Johanssons'' studio involvement is certainly smudged. Although it may have felt like an uphill battle, were happy to know that Johansson has such support in her corner coming from the Russo Brothers.

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