Why will this Is Us Season 7 be held on NBC?

Why will this Is Us Season 7 be held on NBC? ...

This Is Us has been one of the most popular TV shows ever made, earning fans and critical acclaim around the world.

The series returned to NBC in January 2022 for its long-awaited sixth and final season, leaving fans only a few months away from bidding goodbye to the Pearson family for the last time.

Why is This Is Us coming to an end, and why will it not return for season 7?

This Is Us season 6 release date and plot

This Is Us premiered on NBC on Tuesday, January 4, 2022.

The new season of the Pearson family is set to end the story of Jack and Rebecca continuing to raise their three children, the Big Three, in the 1980s, while the grown-up Pearson offspring have difficult lives of their own in the present.

The landscape of This Is Us will drastically change over the course of the next episodes as relationships grow and falter after the shock flash-forward scene at the end of season 5.

As the seasons come to an end, fans have had to confess some of the most cherished shows as the Pearsons strike.

Why This Is Us season 7 wont be happening

This Is Us will not reprise season 7 of the show because it was always the company''s intention to have a six-season series.

After season 5 had come to an end, it was officially announced that season 6 would be the final season, according to Fogelman. While sad to have just one season left, NBC was also grateful for the ability to let us see how, and when we always intended. Keep an eye on this page. #ThisIsUs

While This Is Us will no doubt be dissatisfied with the conclusion, viewers may recover from the fact that the series should have been granted a satisfactory conclusion rather than ending abruptly after being delayed or fling out after being renewed for one season too many.

Fans cant believe This Is Us is ending

Despite its time spent on the cards for a while, many This Is Us fans are still confused about the movie''s conclusion, with many of them posting their thoughts on social media.

I honestly hope this Is Us has had a planned spell but they did not have to keep putting extra seasons on the line even though they might have had the consequences. Im still going to pull all the dramatics in the world as it finishes and when it finishes, because that is the greatest family ever sorry.

While another add: Im actually in denial that This Is Us is ending like Ive watched live since the pilot those people are my family Im not ready to lose them.

Finally, this fan said how the show title should change once it has ended: Cant believe This is Us is coming to an end after this season. Its gonna be That Was Us soon.

This Is Us concludes on NBC at 9/8c on Tuesday, May 24th, 2022.

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