In the midst of the success of its predecessor, Creator Clash 2 has officially been confirmed

In the midst of the success of its predecessor, Creator Clash 2 has officially been confirmed ...

If you have ever been an influencer boxing fan then you might be surprised to learn that Creator Clash 2 is going on. Yes, the smashing hit event Creator Clash was just difficult to miss. Because to which the next event was likely to happen. So, what might you expect to see in Creator Clash 2?

Read ahead to get more information about Creator Clash 2 and its various features.

The event creator exchange with 18 influencers for the event became successful as soon as it began. Although it was something different from being a charity boxing event. Though the idea behind all this was of Ian iDubbbz Washburn and his wife Anisa. It certainly became a hit that enthusiasts are wanting more of it.

The event''s uniqueness was that it sold 1,00,000 pay-per-view streams. In fact, around 10,000 seats for the event also got occupied by the audience. Most important of which was that the event managed to raise $1.3 million for its charitable work. No doubt their noble cause was more valuable.

While there has been so much speculation about Creator Clash 2, it was quite certain that it might be announced soon. Moreover, its success added another possibility for its comeback, and so today we have an official announcement on Creator Clash2.

The Influencer boxing fans will be surprised by the Creator Clash 2 soon. Though a date for its return isn''t yet yet. However, as per certain reports, it is unknown that the event might be held the next year around spring. Therefore, fans would have a long time to wait for it.

BABY ITS FIGHT NIGHT! 6 pm et is when the fights start.

While the next Creator Clash is far from its happening date, we are certain that we will know who might come up with the Creator Clash 2 next year. However, there is no official announcement on it. However, we may have some suggestions on who might come.

As previously we had about 18 creators, the next event will involve a greater scope. In fact, some streamer Valkyrae is likely to be featured. So, we are likely to have a long list of new faces as well as some old ones.

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