A new set video for Doctor Strange 2 depicts a slain scene with Minotaur Rintrah

A new set video for Doctor Strange 2 depicts a slain scene with Minotaur Rintrah ...

The Multiverse of Madness sequel has surpassed $800 million in box office revenue. Among the film''s tens of thousands of characters, the sequel features everything from the Illuminati to the MCU''s first Minotaur in Rintrah.

Rintrah was spotted in a couple of quick shots from early trailers, he got his own solo poster, and Entertainment Earth even gave him the honor of being immortalized as a Funko Pop! figurine during the promotional tour for Doctor Strange 2.

The enormous green Minotaur was relegated to Kamar Taj in a couple of scenes when the film''s last cut was released on May 6, and was later reinstated. However, a recent behind-the-scenes video shows that Rintrah was once in line for a bigger supporting role in this expansive and explosive sequel.

More Rintrah in Doctor Strange 2?

Several of Kamar Taj''s other sorcerers are shown climbing up the side of Mount Wundagore in this video. That actor, who is likely to do Rintrah''s motion capture, is the only one to survive Wanda''s harrowing chaos magic.

This scene may come when Wong is tackling Wanda and her new demon minions, or when Doctor Strange''s dream-walks into his own corpse, in order to stop Wanda from taking America''s powers.

The whole video can be found here:

Was Rintrah''s Role in Doctor Strange 2 of a Long Range?

Rintrah is one of Marvel Comics'' most powerful magic wielders, and considering his arrival in Doctor Strange 2''s marketing tour, it''s a surprise that he wasn''t included in more of the film. However, with six weeks of reshoots and countless different versions of the story that Marvel had mastered, the fan-favorite character might have just died in the shake.

Michael Waldron, the director of Nightmare, recently discussed ideas for other characters to play in the sequel, which might have included more of Rintrah. Although this footage is initially released, it''s clear that his role may have been as big as Wong while Strange used the undead to combat Wanda.

Rintrah only got a few lines and a few minutes on screen, mostly being tortured by Wanda Maximoff of Elizabeth Olsen at Kamar-Taj. Although there are no signs indicating whether Marvel Studios will play the character, there is no reason to believe that this step will be taken seriously. Given how much the MCU will improve, nothing is certain.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now playing in cinemas.

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