Netflix, A Danish Rom-Com That Doesn't Show Spark (much Like It)

Netflix, A Danish Rom-Com That Doesn't Show Spark (much Like It) ...

F*ck de liefde, a Danish Netflix Original film, is a remake of the 2019 film F*ck de liefde, which followed Lisa through a divorce with Jack and a subsequent trip to Curacao with her friends. The sequel follows a similar pattern, trading the Dutch Caribbean island for Spains party city Ibiza. Was this second installment required?


After a relationship with her boyfriend, Lisa finds an old flames offer to come to Ibiza with two of her friends. Despite the fact that he knocked down another lady from his wife Cindy and Said, Jack is trying to save his wife Bo after a series of bad decisions.

What Will It Remind You Of?: This comedy is so broad that it will remember you of almost any other film in this genre, but it does have a certain connection with another Netflix original film from 2018, Ibiza.

Nienke Plas, whose horny bachelorette Kiki is having the most fun on screen, is followed by Maurits Delchot as Said, who, as it should be said, is quite irritated in his constant antics, but is totally committed to the process.

Memorable Dialogue: Kiki (Nienke Plas) has some great sexual one-liners, such as when she mentions she packed a pleasure pole aka a vibrator, or refering to her vagina as a dried up box.

Sex and Skin: For how much sex is discussed, there is nothing hot and heavy than a dick pic that is ill-conceived.

Sequels have to follow a line from calling back to the original film and being universal enough to instill new viewers in the fold. F*ck Love Too unfortunately fails at this right off the bat by expecting audiences to understand the complex relationship between this friend group immediately without giving much backstory.

Even if the audience is unfamiliar with friendships and narratives, the film is trying to do too many things, and is unable to commit to any of them completely. Whether its Jack juggling his two baby mamas, Angela glints in on her boyfriend''s sexual romance, or Lisa deciding between her boyfriend Jim and a childhood crush, or Bo and Said, completing their marital difficulties. It''s a lot to do a 90 minute runtime, and the film really doesn''

The characters are lacking any sense of chemistry or passion for romance; for example, he accidentally sends a sex tape during a dinner instead of the intended loving powerpoint homage; to spice up his marriage, he sends a dick pic to his wife instead and then returns to the house to remove it. Jack is not written any better, especially when his two baby mamas arrive at the same hospital without giving him permission to leave it to his mother.

There''s nothing to do with this particular day except the thrills that Lisa, Kiki, and Angela have in Ibiza. Perhaps it should have taken a page from Ibiza and focused on their journey only.

SKIP IT: Our Call. The film aims high but isn''t quite in every aspect.

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