Elizabeth Olsen Receives an Ultra-Dark Doctor Strange 2 Hot Toys Figure (Photos)

Elizabeth Olsen Receives an Ultra-Dark Doctor Strange 2 Hot Toys Figure (Photos) ...

In the multiverse of Madness, Elizabeth Olsen''s Scarlet Witch wore a dark turn. Although the trailers for the sequel were conceived to feature Wanda Maximoff as one of the characters, the film did not waste any time demonstrating the character''s villainous intentions, all driven by her desire to return her children, Tommy and Billy.

Wanda slashed every Illuminati member from Earth-838 before the killing, killing Kamar-Taj before the film. Wanda''s heel morphology was explained as an "accelerated descent into madness," but it''s earned by WandaVision''s possession of the Darkhold at the end.

A new set of collectible figures has emerged online to honor Wanda''s dedication to being an antagonist.

Collectible Highlights in Doctor Strange 2Elizabeth Olsen''s Scarlet Witch

Two new collectible figures have been unveiled by Hot Toys, which showcases Elizabeth Olsen''s Scarlet Witch from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The first 1/6th scale figure is a regular version of Hot Toys'' Scarlet Witch figure:

The collection is based on Elizabeth Olesn''s likeness as Wanda Maximoff in the Doctor Strange adaptation, which features a "newly developed head sculpt and tiara"

The Hot Toys figure is a "severely applied luminous reflective effect" on the Scarlet Witch''s eyes, allowing fans to recreate the character''s powers:

The movie-accurate figure also features "different styles of power-using effects accessories, interchangeable hands with black fingertips, and a figure stand."

Here''s a complete breakdown of Scarlet Witch''s hot toys figurines:

Wanda Maximoffs'' despair has prompted her to become the greatest threat in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness following the loss of Vision and a life-changing experience with her two imaginary children.

Hot Toys is keen to unveil The Scarlet Witch as a 1/6th scale collectible figure from the bending universe because of the versatility of the multiverse.

Beautifully sculpted based on Elizabeth Olsen''s appearance as The Scarlet Witch in the film, the figure features a newly-developed head sculpt and tiara, two styles of front hair sculptures, a specially-appeared eye tint to emulate Scarlet Witch using her abilities, a careful hand-drawn pattern such as the Darkhold, and even removable hands with black finger tips.

Expand your Marvel collection today with the stunning Scarlet Witch figure.

Hot Toys'' second Scarlet Witch figure is a Deluxe version. The main difference between this collectible and the regular version is the accessories.

"Dreamwalking spell effect accessories, candle diorama accessories, and a round-shaped display stand with a magic spell graphic card are included in this deluxe version.

Here''s a comprehensive breakdown of the deluxe version of Hot Toys'' Scarlet Witch collectible figure:

"Wanda Maximoff, aka The Scarlet Witch, reveals to Doctor Strange how her children exist in every other Universe and her desire to possess the multiverse travelling power so she can be in a reality where she can finally attain her longing desire. She then uses the Darkhold to dreamwalk and hijack the consciousness of an alternate version of herself in another universe.

Hot Toys is kicking off today by featuring the Deluxe version 1/6th scale collectible figure of The Scarlet Witch, which includes amazing accessories for the Dreamwalking spell.

The Scarlet Witch, based on Elizabeth Olsen''s appearance in the film, is enhanced by a newly developed head sculpt and tiara, as well as two styles of front hair sculptures, a specially applied luminous reflective effect on eyes to emulate Scarlet Witch, a faithful restoration of costume in scarlet red with dramatic weathering effects, diverse power-using effects accessories, and interchangeable hands.

The deluxe version will include exclusive Dreamwalking spell effect accessories, candle diorama accessories, and a round-shaped display stand with a magic spell graphic card to recreate the scene when The Scarlet Witch casts the forbidden spell.

The Scarlet Witch figure is now trespassing to your Marvel collection!"

Marvel Celebrates the MCU''''s Scarlet Witch

Hot Toys is well-known for creating movie-accurate figures for the MCU, and it appears that the company no longer had a chance to select other films in their collection due to the arrival of this Scarlet Witchcollectible. Mostly because of the jam-packed accessories included in both versions, toy collectors across the country will be given the opportunity to recreate iconic scenes from the Doctor Strange sequel.

After the opening of Doctor Strange, Elizabeth Olsen had a memorable performance, but her future as Wanda Maximoff is still unknown. According to Michael Waldron, the filmmaker claims Wanda''s fate is unknown, claiming that her passing is "up for interpretation."

Given the popularity of the Scarlet Witch, there''s a strong possibility that Marvel Studios will have plans to return the Marvel characters in one way or another. In a previous interview, Olsen discussed her Marvel future, revealing that she intends to portray an "older wiser" Scarlet Witch down the line if given the chance.

Fans may now see the Scarlet Witch''s enchanting MCU adventures in grabbing this movie-specific collectible from Hot Toys.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now playing in cinemas worldwide.

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