Katie Maloney: It's been a pleasure to meet Tom Schwartz for the first time

Katie Maloney: It's been a pleasure to meet Tom Schwartz for the first time ...

Katie Maloney is moving forward.

The Vanderpump Rules star told Tuesday that she has agreed to hold a date since her breakup with Tom Schwartz.

Despite Maloney, 35, discussing Becca Kufrin and Michelle Young on her Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, she did not attempt to get a girlfriend yet, and she revealed that she prefers going out [and] flirting.

The Bravolebrity stated that she has chosen to meet people in real life rather than on dating apps.

Maloneys make clear that she and Schwartz, 39, have separated before.

Tom and I embark on a journey through life together in March. She said she was happy to share this story on Instagram. This process is not met with resentment or animosity, but there are no sides to choose. We have a deep admiration for one another, which will always remain, and we cherish our friendship.

In a post of his own, Schwartz expressed their love for their children, and she taught me so much about love and being a better partner.

I don''t think we were ever a model couple, but he continued. Maybe we are model divorcees. I suspect this is a false title.

According to Maloney''s divorce petition, the pair had separated two days before Valentines Day, but have continued living together while assisting each other in finding new homes.

Schwartz continued to wear his wedding ring at the start, but he told Page Six in April that he finally removed the ring so that he was not clinging to his and his marriage.

At the time, I''ve been wearing it for the past few months, but I just woke up one day and I was like, maybe it''s time to stop wearing it out of respect for Katie,'' he said. There was no specific motivation, though.

Schwartz continued to explain, and the reason I kept wearing it is because A) it''s a great ring, and B) I still have a great love and admiration for Katie. I love her with her with every joy.

The pair met in August 2016 in California, and again in July 2019 in Las Vegas, which was the first time they had the proper paperwork to render their nuptials legal.

Maloney told her podcast listeners in April that she died at the end of her marriage to Schwartz.

I had been expressing my convictions, where I felt that I was not getting my needs met, and where I believed I was being hurt by some of the actions, according to her. I didn''t think he understood or resonated or agreed.

Later that month, reality star revealed that she was ready to date, specifically looking for someone who wanted a family.

In the We Met at Acme podcast episode, [I want] someone who will prioritize me and support my feelings and emotions, someone who doesn''t prioritize, you know, partying.

In April, Pump Rules co-star Lala Kent gave a look into her Maloneys dating life, declaring that they were on the verge of falling together after her own break from Randall Emmett.

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