Exclusive: Kevin Feige met Joaquin Phoenix with Kevin Feige for Doctor Strange's 3 Villain Role

Exclusive: Kevin Feige met Joaquin Phoenix with Kevin Feige for Doctor Strange's 3 Villain Role ...

After he returned to the Marvel Studios in Avengers: Endgame, Benedict Cumberbatch was attempting to snag Phoenix. It is possible that the Joker would be pushed away from Warner Bros. but it is unlikely that the doctor would have gotten rid of it. This is despite the fact that the Disney-owned Marvel Studios has met with Kevin Feige to make a sequel.

The Multiverse of Madness sequel was introduced in the United States less than a month ago, and some people are already discussing what could happen in a sequel. However, at this point, MCU fans are almost required to wonder what happens next, according to our trusted and proven sources. Joaquin Phoenix is in the talbots for a role in the next Doctor Strange film.

Joaquin Phoenix is in discussions to play a villain in Doctor Strange 3 and has met with Marvel mastermind Kevin Feige. This does not guarantee that the Gladiator star will be threatening a three-eyed Benedict Cumberbatch. However, Marvel Studios would not be surprised to hit him. After starting his career as a child actor with SpaceCamp, he transitioned first into critical acclaim with the Nicole Kidman noir to die for, and then into blockbuster films with Gladi

Joaquin Phoenix has gotten to an unusual, well-known fare, like The Master and Inherent Vice. However, the unexpected, unfavorable and tragic success of the Todd Phillips-directed Joker not only pushed him into billion-dollar box office receipts, but into the comic book world. It was simply a matter of time before Marvel Studios came to the conclusion, and Joaquin Phoenix is a pretty pretty straightforward choice.

While Joaquin Phoenix appears to be at the height of his drawing power, it would make sense to get the Disney-owned Marvel Studios away from Warner Bros. before the possible (even likely) Joker 2.

Since Walk the Line, Joaquin Phoenix has not made a movie as well as remotely audience-friendly as Doctor Strange. While Joker did cross the much-sought-after billion dollar gross, but nothing about the grim, Martin Scorsese-imitating tone could have made Phoenix think so.

While the Master of the Mystic Arts has a far greater rogues gallery than any other long-running comic character, there is also possibility that Joaquin Phoenix will be re-imagined as Doctor Strange villain. We hope that this week, we will be able to see him here.

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