With the Series Canon, the upcoming Star Wars series will complete the show

With the Series Canon, the upcoming Star Wars series will complete the show ...

Tony Gilroy, a former Star Wars actor, said in a new interview that the series will revolutionize certain parts of the film, especially if it happens on Disney+. Though the narrative is complicated, it''s not surprising that the audience, however, has agreed to it. If it happens, then it''s best to say it, but this isn''t the end result. We should do so again, however.

Andor''s showrunner said in a recent interview that the series will alter the parts of Star Wars canon we thought we knew. Later this summer, Obi-Wan Kenobi, a prequel story to Rogue One, finishes its run. Actor Diego Luna, who plays Rebel spy Cassian Andor, says of the story What you know is really all wrong. Okay, I''m sorry about it.

Andor is set five years before the Rogue One events and will focus on Cassians'' life before the fateful events in the film. It''s a lot of unexplored territories, and according to Gilroy, there are certain events that occur in these five years that are important and must be addressed. There are certain individuals, characters that are legacy characters, that the audience, and the passionate audience, really feel that they have an understanding and understanding.

While much of what we know about Andor is correct, it isn''t the whole story. What you know, what you have been told, and why you have been telling each other is all wrong. However, it may be a caution to viewers that the new creative minds at Lucasfilm are rewriting George Lucas'' vision for Star Wars. That rarely is a good thing.

Lucasfilm appears to be attempting to spit Star Wars once more for no reason whatsoever. SlashFilms Eric Vespe, reporting on the story, described how it acted as a visual feast, which most avid gamers would despise if it was not satisfied with. Johnson''s narrative was unusually structured and defied expectations. It raped pointless subplots and trampled flaws in logic throughout the course of rebuilding the canon.

Tony Gilroy is nowhere near the creative side of Andor. When he says that what we anticipated about Star Wars is likely to become a complete mess, he must have some creative discretion after saving Rogue One from being a huge mess. He also gave us the iconic Darth Vader hallway scene, but he also delivered a film that handled the source material and match the tone of the films it was developing on.

Weve already seen that Star Wars can go in new directions, and even add or modify its own canon, even though we remain faithful to the original trilogy character Mon Mothma will return in the series. It remains to be seen if it will look like Star Wars. Tony Gilroy, youre our only hope here. We must just show it to everyone who isn''t cocky.

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