Mark Sheppard (supernaturals) Is Star Trek and Watch Who he Played

Mark Sheppard (supernaturals) Is Star Trek and Watch Who he Played ...

Mark Sheppard made a total of four appearances on Star Trek: Voyager while his father was on the back of the Star Trek series. While the recurring roles include Dr. Ira Graves, and Mark Sheppard, who plays them in Childs Play, the show claims that he was no longer a great dad. On Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country, Mark had a few surprises as the kid. While Leucon and his father were also on the CW''s upcoming trailer,

Mark Sheppard is a fan of Supernatural, but he has remained popular among other science fiction movies. He played a pyrokinetic killer in the first season of The X-Files, a backstabbing crime boss on Firefly, and a Constantine-esque magic user in Doom Patrol. In the second season, he has played a pyrokinetic killer in the movies, including in the movie Arcade, and In The Morning Star, who also plays David with Bob Dylan.

In Childs Play, Mark Sheppard portrays Leucon, the father of the recurring Icheb (Manu Intiraymi) while also portraying him. Icheb is a Brunali adolescent introduced earlier in Collective as a young Borg drone who rescues him and his older children. In Childs Play, Voyager finds Icheb on her own, bringing him back to his family, although we discover that isnt the best thing for him.

While Mark Sheppard''s character in Childs Play is nowhere near as cruel as Crowley or some of Sheppard''s other villains, it appears that the Brunali prefer to utilize their genetic knowledge-how against the Borg, but instead, they had agreed to implant an anti-Borg pathogen in Icheb, in the specific hopes he would be assimilated and spread the pathogen through the Collective. Here, you can see the scene in which Leucon and his wife Yifay confess

Mark Sheppard''s only Star Trek appearance was made by his late father William Morgan before his death in 2019. In fact, one of the appearances in the show was when his sons played Dr. Ira Graves in season 2 of Star Trek: The Next Generation. In 1991, he played the one-eyed Klingon commander of the Rura Penthe penal colony, and he played a Vulcan science minister in Star Trek.

Mark Sheppard is expected to play another Supernatural alum on the way. While his character isn''t yet identified, he appears in the first trailer that dropped for the CWs'' next prequel series Walker: Independence.

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