In the 1990s, you guessed that there were eight creepy things you improvised

In the 1990s, you guessed that there were eight creepy things you improvised ...

Then you may look back on our (mis)adventures of our ''90s kid-school peers. OK, who are we kidding, it may be downright humbling reminiscing on some of the ''90s we did back then. However, there were also a lot of things you performed with your friends in the 1990s that were even quite creepy. Others, however, are completely spooky. What were we saying?

After saying that, I''m going ahead and say the same thing you''re not supposed to say: Being creepy (in a non-threatening way) was fun. Sure, since the ''90s were a magical time for friendship, a one-off time spent with your squad was perfect, even if it wasn''t. As the term says, ignorance is bliss. I, for one, am glad we were so blissfully ignorant of our unintentional creepiness.

If you were born in the 1990s, then follow me on a sweeping tour of some of the creepy things we all did with our friends back then.

WHY? I was absolutely the driving force in this trend among my friends, and I honestly have no doubt why I thought summoning the beyond via the Ouija, Bloody Mary, or "Light as a feather, stiff as a board" was a solid idea. BRB, just have to take a bath in holy water to rid ourselves of the demons that inevitably followed us back and are waiting to transform our lives into another Paranormal Activity sequel.

Don''t let yourself victimize at least one friend with the social dagger that was the covert three-way call. This all-too-common tactic a by which you lured an unwitting friend into saying something unbecoming about another friend secretly on the line was shady at best, and an invasion of privacy at the worst. It was... not cool.

My BFFs and I shared every fad, fashion, and trend, and even crush the ''90s served up on a silver platter. Don''t like your flavor of Ring Pop? Trade with your bestie. At a sleepover and forgot your toothbrush? No worries! Today, many of us will always overshare in outrageous and gross ways a sans the ''90s stuff. We''re all sick, sick people.

People of us who developed up in the 1990s were subjected to cyber flirting late at night, after the parents had passed out, when we could sneak into the dining room and shoot up the family dinosaur (aka desktop computer). This often occurred when your BFF was over, because it made you feel like Thelma and Louise or something. In reality, these cyber flirting sessions often ended with you two dissolving into a fit of laughter.

Your bestie didn''t like the Backstreet Boys. Body glitter made you itch. Despite popular belief, people adored their dresses and dresses in the ''90s, although they knew in one "what you thought?" way. This wasn''t creepy in a "wow, that''s eerie" way, however, you really did dislike the same things.

Because your friend kept popping up when you desperately needed to discuss important things (read: how to wear brown lipstick) with her, is it appropriate social etiquette to leave 27 nearly-identical AIM messages? No. Not even close. However, you did it anyway, and she loved you.

I''m sorry to admit how often my friends and I stealthily drove by a crush''s house in my bright purple Ford Aspire. Most often at dark, and always with our seats leaned by to an outrageous degree to ensure we weren''t seen. Okay, not a good look. To all the dudes we fought by back then, I''m sorry. This was odd, even for us.

I mean, really. What was the event scheduled to happen here? There were a couple of ways this could have been done but if we believed the rumors a, then one of them involved our stomachs exploding. I''m pretty certain that seeing that happen to your BFF would have been terribly detrimental as seeing them fall in on a Jumanji board.

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