On TikTok, Kylie Jenner roasted Kendall for her cucumber cutting abilities

On TikTok, Kylie Jenner roasted Kendall for her cucumber cutting abilities ...

The Kardashians are filled with surprising revelations and insights into the Kardashians and Jenner clanas new relationships, but the moment fans have settled on Kendall Jenner''s cucumber on the May 12 episode of the Hulu series, Kendall manifested a deep pain in her body while holding the knife in one hand, gripping the cucumber with the other. aIam certainly not a professional, however.a The scene sparked an outpouring of memes and commentary on the familyas privilege. Kylie Jen

On May 23, Kylie posted a TikTok video of her and Kendall dancing at a wedding reception in Portofino, Italy, on May 21, titled aTear in My Hearta by Twenty One Pilots, and she had the perfect nickname for her sister. There''s only one way to deal with this sibling clash: let''s see how Kylie cuts her cucumbers.

Kendallas cutting abilities first worried her mother Kris, who asked her chef to help before Kendall denied her the job. However, fans had a field day, creating hilarious memes, boosting self-confidence by retweeting one of the memes, and agreeing with a user who called her knife technique atragic.a

Kendall declares to be good in the kitchen in December 2020, and she insists that she loves cooking for her friends at home. aThis house has forced me to spend more time in the kitchen, according to her. At this point, I am always able to follow up my chef game. Kylie and I were super-lucky to get help from our older sisters and a mother who loves her sh*t. Perhaps Kris shouldave stepped in this time to demonstrate her how to correct cut a cucumber.

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