After a possible stroke, Meghan Markles' dad, Thomas, was sent to the hospital

After a possible stroke, Meghan Markles' dad, Thomas, was sent to the hospital ...

Thomas Markle, his ex-wife, was reportedly discharged Monday night after believing he had a stroke.

TMZ reports that the retired television lighting director, 77, was photographed being driven into an ambulance in Tijuana, Mexico, with an oxygen mask strapped across his face.

Thomas was rushed across the border to a hospital in Chula Vista, Calif., around 9:30 p.m. local time. He apparently couldn''t speak to paramedics and had to write down his symptoms on a piece of paper, according to the outlet.

Thomas Markle, a 57-year-old daughter, said in a statement that his father is recovering in the hospital.

We want to protect the family, for his health and well-being. He is just needing rest and peace, she said.

It''s a travesty how much he was tortured and how much hes had to deal with due to my sisters'' disregard for the past few years. That''s unforgivable.

Thomas became a popular figure for refusing to attend the Meghans royal wedding to Prince Harry in 2018 due to his emotions.

Despite his lengthy conviction, Samantha has blamed the Duchess of Sussex for their fathers'' poor health, one time taking issue with Meghan honoring Nelson Mandela while in conflict with their fathers.

In 2018, Samantha tweeted that she is willing to act like a humanitarian and as a woman. If our father died, it will be on you!

According to several outlets, Thomas'' latest health worries mean he will not be attending Queen Elizabeth II''s Platinum Jubilee in London next week, as he had reportedly planned.

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