The Hobbite Holiday for Homer Simpson is Now Available

The Hobbite Holiday for Homer Simpson is Now Available ...

The Holiday that is almost certainly the favorite of Homer Simpson is coming to an end, which means it''s time to start planning where you''ll celebrate the big day.

The most important thing about National Donut Day is that there isn''t one. It''s that there are two things.

The second has been held on November 5th, but has no previous meaning.

The most common national donut day is usually held on the first Friday in June of each year. This year it will be the 3rd of June.

Since 1938, the Salvation Army used the idea as a way to increase money and awareness.

During the first world war, the Salvation Army dispatched more than 250 women to prepare food for soldiers on the front lines in France. The "doughnut lassies" found that that battle-tested helmets were suited for frying up to seven doughnuts at a time.

Donuts are often used by fast casual chains, which serve donuts in the day. So, even if donuts arent really part of your regular diet, they are packed with sugar, nutritionally suspect and not quite filling, they are nice as an occasional treat, so why not get a free one?

Dunkin is in charge of the United Kingdom.


Think about the fact that an entire generation of people who didn''t know that KFC once stood for Kentucky Fried Chicken (YUM) - Yum! Brands, Inc. Report.

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In a report from Dunkin''s Brands Group, the company wanted to redefine itself as a beverage company and compete more directly with coffee chains like Starbucks.

Dunkin hasn''t forgotten where it came from, and on June 3rd, customers may get a free donut of their choice with every beverage purchase.

Lamars Donuts And Coffee

Lamars Donuts And Coffee, a Kansas City restaurant, celebrated National Donut Day during the last week of last year, and it confirmed on its Facebook page that the company will be back in operation this year.

Duck Donuts

The Pennsylvania-based donut chain is feeling generous and revealing via Twitter that it will give away a free bare, cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar donut for every individual who visits us in-store. No purchase required!

Cumberland Farms

With every beverage purchased, the convenience store will give away a free donut.


Get Walmart Inc. Reportlocations will give away a free donut, but it''s not a company-wide policy.

Shipley Do-Nuts

With any beverage purchase, the Southern coffee and donut chain will give away a free glazed donut.

But Will Krispy Kreme Give Away Free Donuts?

Krispy Kreme''s generosity means it has little bounds. Last year, it announced that it would give away free donuts to anyone who got a vaccination, and recently announced that it would give away free donuts to those who graduated in 2022.

Krispy Kreme traditionally participates in Free Donut Day, but so far the company has been promoting its graduation gift and hasn''t made any announcements about Free Donut Day.

Two years ago, during the beginning of covid lockdowns, it extended the holiday to national donut week. So, the odds are that you can get a free donut from Krispy Kreme this year on the big day if you keep your eyes out for the details.

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