Travis Scott has been spotted in the studio

Travis Scott has been spotted in the studio ...

Travis Scott has been releasing a new album for quite some time. In February of last year, the rapper described Utopia as a way to increase his audience''s attention. Recently, Scott was spotted in the studio groining.

Scott has been missing a long line of suggestions for the upcoming album. He purchased Young Thug and Roddy Ricch Utopia chains and even premiered a new verse from the albums song Escape Plan. Scott has been tweeting the album for a while now, and he did so again.


In December of last year, the rapper updated his biography to include the song Utopia, which had previously been removed. This was a sign that a release was on the way. Several observers sparked this conversation even further when, on New Years Eve 2021, he returned to Instagram for the first time in two months.

Scott didn''t leave it there until January. He shared an image of Utopia-themed headphones on his Instagram account. The first two albums, Escape Plan and MAFIA, both featuring J. Cole, have been released for a while.

Both songs were published before to the Astroworld tragedy. Its possible that the long release of the albums is due in part to the festivals failure. Check out Travis Scotts'' most recent post below.

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