In the Amber Heard Trial, the Legal Team of Johnny Depps has had a massive blow

In the Amber Heard Trial, the Legal Team of Johnny Depps has had a massive blow ...

This week, the Johnny Depp trial will take place on Tuesday morning, despite the fact that the charges against him were deliberate, involving Waldman instead of the actor. The judge has determined that the motion to strike Heard''s counterclaim is important to the actor. Much of the time, the court agreed, the decision is that the defendant will be in charge of the case. In the meantime, the prosecution finds that the defendant, however, was skeptical.

This week marks the final week of the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard trial, and irrespective of who wins the battle, Depp just lost a battle against Heard. This morning, Depps legal team tried and failed to thrown out the $100 million defamation countersuit. The judge ruled Heards'' lawsuit can move forward.

According to Deadline, Depps attorney Benjamin Chew argued the motion to strike Heards defamation countersuit on Tuesday morning, based on the fact that the suit was directed at Johnny Depp rather than the one who made the pertinent statements. She said, however, there was enough evidence that Waldman, not Depp, should be the subject of Heards'' lawsuit, according to the judge. However, she did not agree. Whenever the evidence is inaccurate, the judge said, or the person who spoke said,

Deadline says its likely Depps legal team was ready to lose the motion. While on the one hand, Johnny Depp and his lawyers would no doubt be delighted to have the Amber Heards countersuit tossed out without success, the motion may have been widespread. In the same manner, the early in May Heards team attempted to get Depps'' lawsuit dismissed without success, with so much likelihood that it would not work.

A lot of interesting things about Depp''s departure from the Fantastic Beasts films, including a star in Zack Snyder''s Justice League, and a starring role in the most recent Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom, are outlined in the proceedings. Although Depp was already removed from the game for a year, it is tempting to speculate that instead of the $50 million Depp is suing for dragging Heard''s name through the mud.

Amber Heard has gotten more of a professional pounding than outsiders have assumed. Despite the fact that Warner Bros. did not desire Heard in Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom, largely because they didnt feel there were any real sparks on screen between her and Jason Momoa. Regardless, Momoa and director James Wan went to bat for her, and helped secure her place in the sequel.

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