Fans of The View are voicing their displeasure for guest Kellyanne Conway, and here's what a sweet show

Fans of The View are voicing their displeasure for guest Kellyanne Conway, and here's what a sweet s ...

Both the studio and the viewer were irritated by Monday''s guest on The View, Kellyanne Conway. Today, the former senior counselor for Donald Trump volunteered to publicize her new memoir, but Twitter appears to be unable to preorder copies anytime soon.

The View of Conways has sparked a lot of criticism on social media, where viewers shared their displeasure about the day guest, and others asked why she had even been invited.

One asks why did they have invited KellyAnne Conway on the other, while another asks, why have this woman on? She won''t answer a question, she''s insulting, she''s lying. Same old Kellyanne.

Kellyanne Conway is a train wreck, just like her bosses, who described her appearance as a shit show.

KellyAnne Conway has been seen just now on The View, and she is a pathetic cheerleader for a shamed twice impeached former president who will likely be indicted & imprisoned or at the least disqualified from doing so ever again.

Kellyanne Conway had no answer to any questions, and she spouted lies about Trump''s achievements. #TheView

The Kellyanne Conway segment on The View today was disgraceful. Whoopi provided a lying, conspiracy theorist, who still believes the election was stolen..airtime..airtime, which forced America back to the trump days. Shame on them at the View.

While there were a slew of vocal critics on the internet, the displeasure was evident inThe Viewstudio, where Conway was booed while speaking. As she said Trump should have won the 2020 election because he was running against Biden, a guy who is stuck in the basement, the audience expressed their displeasure with her statements.

However, Whoopi Goldberg defends Conway by interrupting her to speak to the audience and then saying, "Listen." This is her view, and she discusses how she feels and how she feels. Please dont insult her.

Conway, who refused to believe she was the target of the boos, responded, and I think they''re booing Biden staying in the basement.

ABC hosts The Viewairs on Mondays and Fridays at 11/10c.

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