Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Colletti have got a really great filming podcast

Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Colletti have got a really great filming podcast ...

Since they have begun recording their rewatch podcast in Laguna Beach, Kristin Cavallari is sticking to her ex-boyfriend''s status.

Stephen I am so happy to have him in my life again and we have got really close, according to Page Six.

Nein, I mean, you know, there is nothing romantic happening with us.

On the MTV hit show Laguna Beach, Cavallari, 35, and Colletti, 36, dated in high school and the ups and downs of their teenage romance.

The Hills series began for three seasons from 2004 through 2006. Both shows catapulted Cavallari and lead Lauren Conrad to fame.

Cavallari and Colletti are revisiting all of their good, bad, and ugly moments for their podcast, which will be released this summer.

There are certainly a few moments, according to the Very Cavallari star. However, once you realize that, it''s actually been a great experience.

Cavallari says she was so pumped about watching when she was 17 years old and the show was first airing.

I was like, MTV screwed with me, but talking to Stephen about it now, Im like, No, everyone really was messed with just as much, the mother of three adds, noting that productions influence on the cast. So now that''s been very therapeutic.

Cavallari explains how her friendship with Stephen has benefited from this opportunity.

When I thought he was lying to me or whatever, to sit here now and break down it down, it''s been like, okay, I can believe you, she says. You know, like, it wasn''t as bad as I believed it was.

Cavallari adds that it''s been really nice to clear some stuff up just to watch it from the point of view.

Though she is having fun navigating the process right now, Uncommon Beauty CEO admits she was reluctant to record the podcast when Colletti first requested her to do it.

Am really pleased that I agreed to do it, according to Cavallari. It''s been so fun to reconnect with him and a lot of other people that weve met on the podcast I cant wait to see it out there and see how the audience responds to it. I hope people will hopefully be involved in this venture because we really don''t hold back, we break everything down.

Last week, Cavallari posted on Instagram that Jason Wahler, a Laguna Beach alum, was stopped by for some shenanigans, and it appears to me that there will be even more special guest on the podcast.

Cavallari claims that after 20 years of reality TV, I''ve always felt like myself.

Ive ever believed that I was going to create a show. Ive never thought of a timeline. Im just really being me, she adds. I think people realize that.

Cavallari leveraged her stardom to build her own jewelry business, Uncommon James, which has since become an empire with three stores in Nashville, Chicago, Dallas, and a fourth opening up in Charleston in the near future, apart from its e-commerce.

I really love these Balancing in Heels products, the author tells us. I only wear my jewelry anymore. I only use my skin care products but I think that people may tell if you just put your name on something or if you are serious about what youe bringing to the table.

Cavallaris'' new Summer Heat collection from her jewelry line is now available with a slew of color and beads, which the former reality star believes is really trendy right now.

Summer is about love and for me, I want these pieces to be thrown on and left in, she adds. Im all about effortless jewelry.

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