Netflix's Wrong Side Of The Tracks: A Spanish Thriller About A Former War Hero Trying To Protect His Granddaughter From Drug Dealers

Netflix's Wrong Side Of The Tracks: A Spanish Thriller About A Former War Hero Trying To Protect His ...

It''s rare to see a pulpy series get a rich plot that makes it look and feel more like a prestige TV series, according to David Bermejo. Three years ago, he was able to return with a new story, set in a Madrid neighborhood that is still going downhill, but hasn''t broken completely because of one really angry man.


A guy who is sleeping in his apartment hears and fights and a gunshot outside. He calls the emergency line three times but no one comes out. He explains that he served in Bosnia and Herzegovina and knows a gunshot when he hears it.

Tirso Abantos (Jose Coronado) owns a hardware store in Entrevias, Madrid, and hates the removal of thugs, gangsters, and junkies. The next day at his store, he takes matters into his own hands when a bunch of young people wouldnt stop blasting their car stereo; then he takes his car and bashes the other car. Thats right before he goes in to a surprise birthday party.

He thinks it''s a ploy to get him to sell his apartment, of which his kids own half. When his granddaughter Irene (Nona Sobo) arrives late on the back of a scooter driven by her boyfriend Nelson (Felipe Londono), he criticizes her mother, Jimena (Maria Molins), for being too liberating.

Supposedly, Irene and Nelson have a strategy that would help them both leave the city, namely, stealing a kilo of heroin from a wealthy wealthy Sandro (Franky Martin). But when Nelson gets picked up by the police, it goes awry. Irene has Tirso withdrawing, which leads him to offer his daughter a deal: she will proceed with the heroin if she fails. And he is not the kind grandfather youd expect.

In the meantime, Inspector Amanda Armatose (Itziar Atienza) is looking into the neighborhood with Deputy Inspector Ezequiel Fandino (Luis Zahera), who knows the area and is attempting to show her that it is up to them to keep the ecosystem of crime going, instead of disrupting it so that worse people come in. However, she does not know that he is also on Sandros'' payroll. He also has a romantic relationship with Nelson''s mother Glady

Irene and Nelson are becoming more desperate, but after she arranges for Nelson to break in and take the heroin, he becomes caught, and Tirso apologises.

What Shows Will It Remind You Of? Gran Torino, where an older man takes matters into his own hands when people underestimate him due to his age. Although well known, the character of Tirso makes Clint Eastwoods in Torino look like a cuddly teddy bear by comparison. There are also a few similarities between this show and the Liam NeesonsTaken films.

David Bermejo''s take: Wrong Side Of The Trackscomes; he brings both Coronado and Zahera from that show to star in this new story. Despite the long run times, he adds so much story into each episode, which is very important for them. The first episode, which is 80 minutes long, is certainly hilarious.

It''s a pulpy topic that has been given numerous layers to shine it to a prestige television sheen. There''s the key story of Tirso attempting to keep Irene out of the clutches of the drug dealers in his neighborhood, and what he does when he fails at this task. There''s the fact that he is a hard man who has grown embittered over the years, but has people he serves with whom he understands. Despite his shortcomings, his children


Ezequiel, who believes he is capable of securing the neighborhood crime scene because he is playing both sides of the fence. But this kerfuffle with Nelson and Sandro looks likely to prevail. However, as the series continues, it appears that he will have an adversarial relationship with Tirso, but it is possible to see how long it will last.

Coronado embodies the hard-bitten Tirso so that you believe his negativity isn''t an act. But Sobo is a surprisingly good foil for him, and does not portray Irene as someone who really needs his assistance, at least at first. We''re also looking forward to seeing Zahera and Coronado in other scenes.

Sex and skin: When Irene and Nelson reunite, they have sex off the top of the abandoned train car, where they spend a lot of time together.

Parting Shot: Despite Tirso and Nelson being on the overpass near Irene, neither see her. She gets in a car as a way to repay Sandro for losing the heroin. She screams No! when she realizes why shes in the car.

Itziar Atienza''s role of Amanda Armatose is more or less the outsiders perspective. What we dont know is if she''ll follow Ezequiels and let the criminal ecosystem in the neighborhood alone or will she even try to bust people for, you know, committing crimes?

Tirso says to Jimena, "If you say something," the most Pilot-y Line says as he sees Irene and Nelson having a painful goodbye kiss. Or are you waiting for him to impregnat her in front of us? There''s also a lot of grouchy stuff there.

The STREAM IT.Wrong Side Of The Tracks has a rich narrative that is reinforced by a lead performance from Coronado, which makes you think about the most aggressive character on the whole show.

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