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The Figure Of A Natufian Was Discovered On A 14,000-Year-Old Tombstone In Israel

The Figure Of A Natufian Was Discovered On A 14,000-Year-Old Tombstone In Israel

In Israel, archaeologists have identified the authors of a mysterious engraving up to 14 thousand years old, which was discovered on an ancient tombstone. It is established that the drawing was made by Natufians, Haaretz reports on the study.

The tombstone was discovered in the cave of Rakefet on mount Carmel. For several years, it was carefully studied in the laboratories Of the Zinman Institute of archaeology at the University of Haifa.

This unusual find was made in the North of Israel in the ancient Natufian cemetery. The Natufians were the first to begin burying their dead in cemeteries. These people dug shallow graves, which were covered with mysterious slabs.

In this case, we are talking about a slab that covered the graves of several people at once. Radiocarbon Dating of the remains showed that these people were buried from 12 to 14 thousand years ago. For a long time, scientists have been focused on analyzing skeletons.

Only recently did they pay attention to the slab itself and found a drawing on it that was barely visible to the naked eye. Modern technology has helped restore it. As a result, the scientists' eyes were presented with an image in which they identified the human figure.

This drawing proves that the Natufian burial practices were more complex than previously thought. The Natufian period began about 15,000 years ago when Paleolithic society moved from hunting and gathering to settled agriculture.

Archaeologists believe that the Natufians displaced small groups of nomads and built villages where they lived year-round. They were engaged in agriculture, they already had domesticated dogs. These communities also have cemeteries.

New evidence shows that their funeral rites probably included feasting and dancing. Scientists suggest that the slab may have depicted the figure of a dancing shaman, possibly dressed in the skin of an animal.

But there is another version, According to it, a lizard may be engraved on the slab - this is indicated, for example, by the image of the "tail." So far, the dominant version is about the human figure, but it will require additional research using advanced technologies to confirm it.

If this is indeed a humanoid figure, this is the first time such an image has been found in the Natufian cemetery. In total, about a dozen tombstones were found on it, which were brought from another place.

The cemetery was located at the entrance to the cave. The remains of about 30 people of all ages - from babies to the elderly-were found on it.

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