In the upcoming SEVENTEEN meeting, supporters criticized HYBE for neglecting concertgoers with wheelchairs

In the upcoming SEVENTEEN meeting, supporters criticized HYBE for neglecting concertgoers with wheel ...

SEVENTEEN, an idol group, has announced their live performance, BE THE SUN, which will be held in the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on June 25 and 26, 2022.

When ticketing regulations and instructions were revealed, spectators discovered that there was a lack of information and care for wheelchair users.

BE THE SUN provides a standard admission for wheelchair-bound performers. When asked about its requirements, the corporation issued a statement.


In response to fan criticism and concerns about its guidelines, the agency issued a statement.

According to the statement, all concertgoers will have to pay online reservations, and concertgoers who require a wheelchair seat may call the customer care center after making a booking, and we will replace it with a wheelchair seat. Despite the fact that the people in the concert hall are the same professionals, they will make modifications to make it as simple as possible even without one. During arrival and exit, the staff will assist them. Upon arrival, they will also be accessible within the concert hall to ensure that they are not inconvenienced

All concertgoers must make online reservations, but those in wheelchairs may purchase a wheelchair seat via a ticketing agent. Guardians will be accommodated, but even without one, the company stated that employees will be on hand to assist attendees at the music venue.

Fans, however, feel that wheelchair-bound guardians will be permitted to purchase a ticket. According to one mother, HYBE labelmates are a favorite of my wheelchair-bound daughter. Its not like the Gocheok Dome does not have wheelchair accessibility. I''m not sure why they have to operate these perfectly good seats in such a fussy manner.

Several fans have criticized the agency, while others have mixed feelings about the company''s overall management.

Hybe messes up everything. TXT concert? There aren''t enough large venues.Seventeen shows? Fans in wheelchairs, as well as those accompanying them, must purchase tickets or risk losing tickets.

Is Hybe stepping up his own way to transform everything? Is there a room at the top of the show? Seventeen concerts? The handicapped fans on the wheelchair as well as the one accompanying them, both must purchase a ticket or the ticket will be canceled.

Dispatch is looking into KBSs Music Bank rigging scores for lesser films, no wheelchair choices for seventeen gigs, and evident fan anger, said to another fan. Garam is currently on hiatus. Hybe requires an astrologer or something, because they are not doing well with the current staff. lol

Dispatch investigating KBS'' Music Bank beat lesserafim, no wheelchair choices for seventeen concerts, and apparent backlash from fans, garam in a shambles, like.dude Hybe is in a position to be an astrologer or something, as they are not doing well with the current management. lol

Another person said that svt never had trouble with wheelchair seats before the acquisition. The fact that the problem erupted only after the acquisition demonstrates how it is linked to the acquisition company.

The reason why it''s evidently related to hybe is that before the acquisition, svt never had problems with the wheelchair seats. The fact that the issue only occurred after the acquisition just goes to show how it''s linked to the acquisition company.

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