Cat Burnsa Lyrics Will Make You Feel More

Cat Burnsa Lyrics Will Make You Feel More ...

Cat Burnsa is frank and conundrum. Like the long texts you draft in your notes before making an arrangement. Each line is profoundly personal, a fast as if you are looking over Burnsa shoulder while she walks on the bus.

aThis is going on for too long,a she sings in aItas Overa. aDon''t know how else to say this all, but you, you ain''t the one. It''s not fair on the both of us and deep, deep down I know you know that it''s over. a.

aBecause I am like, aOh my god, theyave written this song for me.a Like I am now in a position to ensure that I did that for my listeners.a.

Burnsa''s back catalogue reveals a whole set of formative experiences, whether ites calling out harmful men in aFuckboya or describing the hole left by an absent parent in aI Donat Blame Youa. AFreea, a 23-year-old singeras most confessional songs to date, has made waves online, with the LGBTQIA+ community circling around this raw but joyful coming out track.

aFreea was first written for Burnsa''s mother, who had always struggled with her daughteras sexuality. aAthe first demo we had of it was just me on the piano. I saw it when I was introduced to my mum, saying, "Oh my god, I didnat know this is how you felt." Burns has received countless DMs from fans who have described how the song helped them with their own coming out. aAWhen I told my mum, she said, "This is

Itas aGoa (written on behalf of a heartbroken friend) that put Burns on the musical map. In early April, aGoa won a place in the UK Official Charts and over 30 million downloads on Spotify. However, after Burns posted a verse or two on TikTok in 2020, things went from zero to viral. aI think a group of 15 year olds just found the sound and started using it, according to aJob. aGo

Burns has so much to look forward to, even if TikTok has earned an incredible reputation and chart success. After performing two sold-out shows at Londonas Omeara, sheall will perform for the UK tour next year, and her EP Emotionally Unavailable has just dropped.

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All of the new music from other artists. There have been some people online writing pop songs but they were quite professional. It''s been inspiring me to look at how I''m writing and take a leaf out of their book. Like, there''s one girl called Maddie Zahm. She''s got a song now called aFat Funny Frienda. It''s basically like a ballad. It''s just amazing, and I''m just keeping listening to it on repeat. I''d love

aShe''s cool, man.a

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