The 25,000 horsepower pickup from Chevy is the fastest truck in the world

The 25,000 horsepower pickup from Chevy is the fastest truck in the world ...

Hot Streak II, the world''s fastest pick-up truck, was built in the 1990s and speeds 350 mph (563 kph) with ease. It remains in the lead even with all pick-up trucks out there, as long as you aren''t testing them on the road. That''s because, with two jet engines on its back, Hot Streak II isn''t street law, according to Motor 1.

We are quite certain that points at interest engineering are the fastest possible approaches to reaching point A to B. This does not have to be automobile, it can also be an elevator, organisms on the planetor the most humblest of man-made things, like a dustbin.

We need to have jet engines that run faster to our destinations, but sometimes, people discover unique methods of using them. This way, we avoid just using jet engines for flying. Hot Streak II, the fastest pickup truck, has been reported recently.

Built in the 1990s, the fastest even today

When Hot Streak II was built in the early 1990s, its current name was not known. Instead, it was called Super Shockwave, a name given to it by none other than Les Shockley, the owner of jet-powered automobiles.

When automobile manufacturers like Ford, GMC, and Chevrolet were tinkering with turbocharged engines and four-wheel drive options, Shockley went straight to one of the most powerful engines available, the jet.

Shockley might purchase a jet that had been put out of service, and that''s how he got onto a pair of Westinghouse J34s. Aviation enthusiasts will recognize these as turbojet engines that served the US military for decades after they were introduced in the 1940s.

Shockley purchased the pair from a T-2 Buckeye trainer used by the US Navy and decided to use them with afterburners. Another option that Shockley made was to remove the metal body of the 1957 Chevy and instead use a fiberglass replica. The Super Shockwave, a car that displayed a staggering amount of horsepower, is not uncommon for any street legality.

How Hot Streak II came about

Hayden Proffitt II, the grandson of another Proffitt, purchased Shockley''s first jet-powered dragster, Shockwave, and the first of its name, became known as Hot Streak. When Hayden got his hands on Super Shockwave, he decided to rename it Hot Streak II as a continuation of his grandfather.

Hayden moved to the United States Air Force after graduation, and he became a mechanic for the F-15 fighter and B-2 bomber aircraft. So, the jet-powered pickup is his way of reconnecting with his time in the Air Force and he knows very well how to handle these aging engines.

Hayden told Motor 1 that he has only reached a 340 mph (547 kph) on Hot Streak II, but that does not manage to take the world''s fastest tag away from this pickup. Every time he releases the parachutes, the owner-driver of Hot Streak II reduces the risk.

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