In Australia, Kim Kardashian may fall under as Pete Davidson films

In Australia, Kim Kardashian may fall under as Pete Davidson films ...

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson may be headed down under. The SNL star will be flying to Far North Queensland to play the upcoming film, Wizards! A recent statement suggests that Kim K might be joining him.

The Daily Mail reports that the comedian will be on location in Australia for the duration of the filming. It is likely that the lovebirds will travel together for a long time. Many speculate that Kim Kardashian would join him on his journey.

Wizards! chronicles the lives of two pot-head beach bums. The pair starts off in serious annoyance after discovering some stolen loot. When they decide to get involved, theyll end up throng.

The Australian government is betting big on bringing Pete Davidson down for the production. The federal government spent nearly $4 million to lure the team to the FNQ. An additional $1.18 million was from the Queensland government.

The documentary is thought to invest around $15 million in the local economy. It may even include a young star like Kim Kardashian. It isnt every day Queensland sees such a mainstream star power.

Kim Kardashian may make an informed decision for an extended Aussie vacation. Kim always has a busy schedule, but Pete Davidson is also one of her most notable features. Fans will only have to wait and see.

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