Pablo Schreiber Has Been Hot AF, According to Halo and Candy

Pablo Schreiber Has Been Hot AF, According to Halo and Candy ...

Pablo Schreiber was famous for Pornstache, the perpetually creepy guard in Orange Is the New Black. Those days are long gone. Halo and Candy have officially concluded the argument that American Gods started. Pablo Schreiber is an insanely sexy man, and we need to start adding him to his next collection of gloomy treats.

Schreiber''s characters are often duty-bound, strong individuals who could also benefit from a hug and a soft-spoken It''s okay, bud. In most of his roles, Schreiber was an advocate for good judgment. But it wasn''t until American Gods that a project really capitalized on his sex appeal.

Mad Sweeney the leprechaun was just hot. He had a devilish hair and beard combo and loved to wear tank tops that were just a smidge too tight. He seemed to admire his endless arguments and brawls as American Gods elevated him above all of the warriors and authority figures weve seen in the past. This great actor is fine as hell.

That''s the kind of horny energy Schreibers'' latest roles have embraced. Early in Halo, the typically armored Master Chief was stripped all the way down. It was also a moment that lingered on every scar, muscle, and forehead. Master Chief sexual side resurfaced again in Halos second to last episode thanks to a sex scene between John and Makee (Charlie Murphy). This is likely to be the most sensual moment ever filmed of a grown man

Candy (Jessica Biel) was brought to the married Allans (Schreiber) car and then decided not to show anything too graphic. It''s also apparent that he is one of the world''s best men who can pull off a 70s style mustache. In Candy, the pornstache is effective.

Sometimes people come out as surprise hot. This has never happened to Schreiber. He has been hot throughout his career, but we were too blinded by his incredible performances to notice. Let him enter the super sexy celebrity club.

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