The Crowded Room, a new drama starring Tom Holland in the 70s, is slated to premiere in September

The Crowded Room, a new drama starring Tom Holland in the 70s, is slated to premiere in September ...

Tom Holland started a fresh hairstyle earlier this week. He is now wearing a fringe.

After a fan photographed the actor working on the set of his latest project, a picture of his retro appearance went viral.

Despite his popularity, fans are divided over his new appearance. While some fans liked his style, others were not impressed by his haircut. However, most of the fans enjoyed his original beautiful wavy hair.

Here''s what you need to know about it.

The locks on Tom Hollands'' hair have gradually improved.

While he was working on Spider-Man: No Way Home and Uncharted, fans noticed that his hair had become longer than he expected.

When it was discovered that the new hairstyle was not his personal choice, their unvoiced questions were answered soon enough.

The reason behind Holland''s new Mick Jagger-style is his upcoming film, reportedly set in the 1970s.

The actor in Spider-Man was seen filming on the set of his new drama series called The Crowded Room. He had long shaggy hair that fell to the tops of his shoulders.

Before returning to The Crowded Room, he was photographed wearing a brown sweater and matching them with a pair of blue jeans. Regardless, he did not forget to flash his huge, dorky smile at the camera.

The pictures sparked internet outcry with some users supporting the new look, while others mocked the actor.

Many people believe Tom Holland made a difference in his new bob hair style with layers and minor fringes.

They presented the 25-year-old actor with admiration. Consequently, they recognized his ability to quickly change his mind.

Despite the fact that some fans are still confused about the actor''s new hairstyle.

#that hair is so savage. Tom holland, with #that hair is so sorry.

Various opinions of disagreement were echoed in some fans. There were only a few who express themselves admiration for his new look.

Compared to Joaquin Phoenixs'' new look from his hit film,Joker, some followers said it was akin to the Joaquin Phoenixs character from his first film in 2019.

british men have been deteriorated over the last 25 years, all of whom were unaware.

One user was comparing Holland to Lord Farquaad, the enemy from the animated film Shrek.

Holland will be seen in the lead role in the upcoming drama series The Crowded Room. The series will be available on Apple TV Plus.


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