Ed Sheeran is secretly expecting the second baby girl with the wife Cherry Seaborn

Ed Sheeran is secretly expecting the second baby girl with the wife Cherry Seaborn ...

Ed Sheeran has revealed that he and his wife Cherry Seaborn have separated their second child in secret. Weve had a lovely baby girl. It''s hard to say why. On Instagram, the Shape of You singer shared a sweet photo. Of some tiny white boots resting on a blanket.

We are both smitten with her and excited to be a family of four people born in Lyra Antarctica, and they both have a two-year-old daughter. A proud mother and father. Ed Sheeran, 31, and Cherry, 30, are extremely self-driving individuals. They have always kept Lyra''s pregnancy secret until only a few weeks before she was born. He simply believes that these things are much more precious. However, there is no time to make them public.

It''s almost unheard of in entertainment that this never slipped out its a testimony to the people he loves and works with. Ed Sheeran recently had a lovely baby girl and is on cloud nine, according to a representative. Both are delighted to see Lyra and her four children living in the same country before Ed Sheeran returns on tour. We are consternated for them, and we hope you will respect their privacy during this special occasion.

Ed Sheeran has posted a photo of his childhood girlfriend Cherry on social media, but they like to keep their personal life as secret as possible. He revealed his engagement in 2018, by posing a photo of the two of them on Instagram and declaring his innocence, and he married her shortly before the New Year. We are delighted and happy, and our sisters are struck by the fact that he showed them a rare photo of her. He later married Cherrys 30 years ago, and

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