Republicans are being stoked on The View by Whoopi Goldberg: They Don't Know What Domestic Terrorism Is

Republicans are being stoked on The View by Whoopi Goldberg: They Don't Know What Domestic Terrorism ...

On today''s episode of The View, Whoopi Goldberg blasted Republicans after many of them opposed a bill aimed at combating domestic terrorism following the Buffalo shooting. During a conversation about the legislation which passed in the House yesterday and would include new offices to monitor, analyze, investigate, and prosecute domestic terrorism, according to ABC News. Rep. Adam Kinzinger was chastised by conservative politicians.

When did Washington really get to be a space in which stopping domestic terrorism is divisive? Goldberg asked, before declaring Republicans as domestic thugs who had been voting on the measure.

The cohost explained that the bill was drafted to take care of targeted people: Asian people, Jews, women, and Blacks. And [Republicans] just said, no, were gonna make this bill, were gonna put it forth, were gonna get people to say to it, and then were gonna vote it down. So when youre wondering what direction was going in, just know where youre being protected and how youre not being protected.

She added, "This was a simple thing to do." Everybody would have done it.

Sunny Hostin explained that the bill was approved by three Republicans in September 2020, but what has changed is, the most extreme violence in the United States comes from the political right.

Because Hostin told the panel, the Republican party, especially those in the extreme right wing of the parties, will no longer vote for this measure. The party, of insurrectionists, is the party that welcomes white supremacists under its tent. That is, however, changed.

I thought everyone was against white supremacy when Goldberg was slammed. I think that''s what everyone said.

Hostin joined her in ripping Republicans, asking, What do you stand for if you don''t stand against hate?

Goldberg said that after Republicans approved the measure, it was in the voters hands to fight domestic terrorism. It''s a shame but it is on us to take care of this now. This is on us. If you don''t know what domestic terrorism is if they pretend they''re not aware, you have to make a decision with your voting fingers.

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