So far, here's everything we know about Love Island in 2022

So far, here's everything we know about Love Island in 2022 ...

After a tense wait, new episodes of Love Island are approaching. Fans are speculating about the series'' official start date, the new villa, and more. Below, you can see all of the information you need to know about the upcoming series.

Love Island 2022 Release Date

Love Island might return to our screens as early as Monday, June 6. Speaking to the tabloid, an insider claimed that the outrageous reality series is astepping back with a banga, running for ten weeks. However, ITV has yet to confirm a release date for the hotly-anticipated new season.

Love Island 2022 Villa

Fans have sparked speculation that Love Island is moving from its idyllic Majorcan villa to a brand new location. aThis series is going to be the longest ever and itas from a brand new location, so itas all very exciting, according to an insider.

ITV is yet to release any details about the showas highly-speculated move. Although, what appears to be the brand Love Island new villa has recently been pictured. As per the Daily Mail, work on the rustic Mallorcan property, which includes six bedrooms, a gym, a swimming pool, and the all-important Love Island fire pit, has begun.

In January 2022, a source claimed that show leaders believe athis is the appropriate time to refresh this element of the show.a

aNow they are considering a wide range of options, but want to stay on the island, which has provided the perfect sunny backdrop for the show,a the insider continued.

Elsewhere, ITVas managing director of media and entertainment, Kevin Lygo, disclosed that the broadcaster is planning to open a new house this summer, according to the Metro.

This would be the first time Love Island had a new home. Back in 2017, the ITV2 juggernaut moved from a villa in Santanyi, Majorca, to the present location of the Sant LlorenA des Cardassar.

Love Island 2022as New Fashion Sponsor

Love Island is changing fast fashion to preloved styles with a new collaboration with Ebay. On May 19, executive producer Mike Spencer said: aWe strive to be a more eco-friendly production with more emphasis on how we can visually demonstrate this.

aIt''s clear that Love Island and its stars across the United Kingdom are undoubtedly influential, and together we want to encourage the nation to choose preloved first when shopping. Even if this is a means of buying or selling one or two preloved items, it''s a step in the right direction.a

Celeb stylist Amy Bannerman has a standoff for her new role as a Love Island 2022 stylist a as aan all time career higha via Instagram. aBrace yourselves, weave found some gems!a

Love Island 2022 Cast

ITV has yet to reveal any details of the Love Island cast in 2022. Although Laura Whitmore, who replaced the late Caroline Flack in 2020, will be presenting the series in a statement to Metro.

According to an ITV spokesperson, aLaura will reprise its role in the next series of Love Island.

A source said that show executives were hoping for Whitmoreas'' return while speaking to The Sun. aShe is delighted to be returning to the villa and seeing what dramas unfold.

The entire season of the 2022 series has still been released on ITV, although the first teaser clips are expected to feature the showas reality television opponents. In the short but sweet animated television spots, Love Island owns its status as the aOGa reality-dating phenomenon, with phrases such as aLove, we own ita being spelled out with inflatable pool floats.

In summer 2022, Love Island will be returning to ITV.

This article was originally published on April 8, 2022.

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