With Edgar, Marissa has no regrets about her Temptation Island romance

With Edgar, Marissa has no regrets about her Temptation Island romance ...

Although initial clues suggest that original couple Edgar and Gillian ended Temptation Island Season 4, on good terms, the May 4 episode put their three-year relationship in greater jeopardy than ever. Not only did Edgar and Marissa, one of the islandas singles, have sex, but Gillian also had to watch (and listen to) the footage in front of her female co-stars and host Mark Walberg afterward. aThat''s crazy. Oh my god, I canat breathe.a

Following episode 8, Gillian revealed that she almost left the island at that moment, but she still wasn''t sure if she was to blame for the episode. A thing she found isally sad,a was that they are always good friends and awill always have a connection. After all, Edgar had been mostly perfect, minus one previous cheating incident.

Edgar, for his part, imagined separately that Gillian aprobably felt very uncomfortable having to see thata and expressed remorse for putting his college sweetheart ain such a distressing situation.a Explaining that he did not fully know what was shown at the bonfire,a explained that aregardless of how he felt about Marissa,a revealed that he violated their rule and adid not considera Gilliana''s feelings. aI did get swept up in the moment

While Edgar and Marissaa have discussed their future together, Marissa recently stated that she had no regrets after the finale of Temptation Island. AA lot happens, but I don''t expect anything to happen again. But I am completely wrong with it. It was a pleasure. I am thankful for everyone who happens after it.

Another clue is that she still has the asuper, super sweeta poem Edgar wrote for her in Spanish. Despite Marissa''s Puerto Rican heritage, she did not actually speak Spanish, so he had to do it for her later. Both parties sat in a way that was anot how [he] expected,a regardless of their current status.

For what itas worth, Edgar and Marissa still follow each other on Instagram. While it seemed like there was an outside possibility that Gillian and Edgar would be able to deal with things, Gillian decided not to leave the island with him as they discussed that he was not open to a long-distance relationship, but instead left by herself. Although Marissa''s comments make it seem like they are still in touch after filming, we all have to wait to see the whole story.

This article was first published on May 11, 2022.

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