Will DCs Arrowverse Survive? The CW Boss Addresses an Uncertain Future

Will DCs Arrowverse Survive? The CW Boss Addresses an Uncertain Future ...

The CW''s massive selection of superhero shows is not what it once was. Oftentimes, the number of programs directly connected to the Arrowverse has dropped to two (or one depending on how you perceive the tightly-detached Superman and Lois). In their heyday, these shows, including Arow, The Flash, Supergirl, andLegends of Tomorrow, showed individual stories that would often crossover with one another by way of actors doing guest spots on other shows.

The then came the epidemic. Shortly after The CW''s much-hyped Arrowverse crossover event,Crisis on Infinite Earths, the world shut down, and when production on these shows resumed, the ability to have actual crossovers was severely diminished. To add insult to injury, with the recent merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery, it would seem that the new system is restricting a lot of DC content that isn''t deemed profitable enough, asBatwomanand Legends of

The CW as a network might be sold in the coming months, which would likely leave a lot of its current programming out in the cold. Despite the fact that network president Mark Pedowitz has attempted to mitigate concerns about the future of the Arrowverse.


CW chairman and CEO Mark Pedowitz spoke on DC shows'' future on the network during a press conference, declaring that they''re "still very much there."

We are staying in the superhero business, and we are staying with Greg Berlanti, who has creatively masterminded The CW DC Universe. We both were not as strong as we were in the past, but still very much there... We started with one Arrow 10 years ago we have now moved to a whole bunch of superheroes. And we are very pleased of it, and we intend to stay in the company. "With any sale or no sale, we will pay it.

Pedowitz also offered reassurance that DC and Warner Bros. still recognize the value in the DC slate:

"I believe the Warner side understands the value of having these properties up. DC Comics realizes the value of what it does to their marketability, in terms of what these franchises are.

The CW head said that as long as these shows continue to utilize the shared universe model he used in the past, we are interconnected due to Greg Berlanti''s work and will remain the same.

Pedowitz reveals that the upcoming ninth season of the longest-running Arrowverse show,The Flashcould, will last for several years, "We have no intention of deciding whether this might be the final season."

What''''s Next for The CW''''sArrowverse?

The Flash has been renewed for another season, despite Superman and Lois'' massive cancellations. So, despite the latter''s clumsy connections to the larger Arrowverse, these shows are still quite surviving.

The CW has ordered the Batman spinoffGotham Knightsto series.Knightsis isn''t a connected to the Arrowverse, but something is also alleged. A show calledJustice Uwas is also in development, and it would be firmly connected to the shared universe and star formerArrowcharacterJohn Diggle.

Pedowitz has certainly done his best to calm the fears that the Arrowverse is launching, and has stated that these shows aren''t going anywhere. Hopefully, the possibility for inter-series crossovers will come back up, and DCTVcan will resume with its annual multi-show crossovers.

The Flashairs on Wednesdays, and Superman & Lois, which is now in its second season, airs on The CW.

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