Exclusive: Dwayne Johnson is planning to become the focus of DC films more ahead of the big screen

Exclusive: Dwayne Johnson is planning to become the focus of DC films more ahead of the big screen ...

According to a trusted and proven source, Dwayne Johnson is capable of being one of the most widely used DCEU films in the world. He has already established a slew of talented actors such as Jason Momoa, and his brother, Jared Leto, has been adamant in his ability to star in the movies. There is also a possibility that Dwayne Johnson may win nominations for Vin Diesel for Fast X, but the problem is that even though she is not working for Vin Diesel

Since its creation, the DCEU has had some extreme wins and losses, but it has still had no central figure. Ben Affleck is on the way out, and the future of Henry Cavills Superman is still up in the air (pun not intended but retroactively embraced) and Gal Gadots on the last stage as Wonder Woman. Now, it will be Dwayne Johnson as the ancient anti-hero Black Adam who will lead the DCEU in the near future.

Dwayne Johnson has been named as the biggest DCEU star by the CEO of David Zaslav Warner Bros. Discoverys. He is a movie star, a wrestling player, and a sitcom star. Johnson has also made headlines with Red Notice, Jumanji, Moana, and Fast & Furious, but his only realistic opponent in the DCEU division is Jason Momoa, who has yet to compete. For the moment, Dwayne Johnson still has Khal Drogo.

The whole process is certainly a success due to something that appears to have disrupted not only the DCEU films for years, but the majority of the most popular genre properties scandal. Between the several arrests over the last few months, creative theft, and reports of erratic behavior on The Flash, Ezra Miller has quickly become one of Hollywood''s most hated individuals. However, they have gotten rid of the fact that she has previously been one of the few actors in Hollywood to say no to Vin Diesel for Fast X

Dwayne Johnson''s role as the DCEU''s central figure is something else. Black Adam is an intriguing choice for Iron Man''s narratives. While on the other hand, Dwayne Johnson himself expresses the kind of wholesome good guy sentiment we hear when it comes to clean cut and hard-working superheroes. Meaning, Johnson''s anti-hero can push boundaries without pushing too far to be bankable.

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