Harry Styles Will Be Included in Your House Through Apple Music

Harry Styles Will Be Included in Your House Through Apple Music ...

Most internet corporations nowadays have limited access to live entertainment.

Hulu announced that it had agreed to stream sets from C3''s popular music festivals Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and Austin City Limits until 2023 (DIS) - Get a Walt Disney Company Report.

Netflix is reportedly looking into live streaming options, including Netflix Is A Joke comedy festival (NFLX) - Get Netflix, Inc. Report, and YouTube (GOOGL) - Get Alphabet Inc. Class A Report has been broadcasting performances from Coachella of late.

The move is backed by a few key concerns.

The most obvious scenario is that when new technology is developed or refined to be more functional and cost-effective, companies and tech-types will begin researching ways it may unlock opportunities while also making certain they are not left behind in the gold rush.

The epidemic has fueled desire for more communal events, but worries about covid have also prompted them to be both wary of being involved in groups, while also looking for ways to relieve feelings of isolation.

Besides, social media has always been excellent at fostering a sense of FOMO, and if you cannot be at an amazing-looking event in person, watching it on your TV (and perhaps live-tweeting your reaction with your fellow fans) might be your next best option.

Apples streaming music subscription is getting into the live music game and is developing a connection with one of the country''s most well-known artists to start it all off.

Harrys House Has Been Introduced to Your House by Apple Music Live

Harry Styles, who has released his latest single As It Was, which has been the number one Billboard single for weeks, will release his new album Harrys House this week.

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Apple Music Live will livestream a Styles concert from UBS Arena in Long Island, New York, for everyone who subscribes (which can range from $4.99 per month for students to $14.99 for a family ticket).

On Friday, "One Night Only in New York" will air at 9pm ET, with encores on May 22nd at noon ET and May 26th at 5AM. It''s unclear if the show will be available on demand afterwards.

Apple Music Live will be the first public offering of a new concert series that, according to Apple, will have your favorite artists. At the moment, what is necessary, and whose favorites will get the nod.

Apple Music is still attempting to overthrow Spotify.

Apple Music was launching its own in 2015, when the company discontinued track-by-track purchases on iTunes, and was shifting its focus to the streaming world.

Maybe because Spotify (SPOT) - Get Spotify Technology SA Reporthad nearly a decade on it, and as other streaming services like TIDAL started introducing the field, Apple has dragged away in the streaming market.

In the second quarter of 2021, Apple Music subscribers made up 15% of all streaming service listeners on the global market, placing it in a distant second place.

Apple is now one of the world''s largest corporations, and its often stated that its streaming service is basically a loss leader to get people to buy the iPhones they will be using to stream music.

Apple isn''t a company that is accustomed to being less than the leader in any field it enters. In the past, Apple Music wanted to bridge the gap with live shows such as The 1975, and exclusive documentaries and podcasts radio shows from Zane Lowe.

Netflix and Hulu are a bunch of different kinds of streaming services in the music world. (But go ahead and make a Neil Young joke if you want.)

Apple needs only enough money to make it worthwhile for, say, Taylor Swift to remove her catalog from everyone else. However, exclusive live music concerts may be the answer the company needs to gain ground.

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