In a teary post, Dove Cameron explains how he's struggled with identity and self-hatred

In a teary post, Dove Cameron explains how he's struggled with identity and self-hatred ...

Dove Cameron shared several teary-eyed pictures of herself as she revealed that she has been terrorized by her identity and is trying to hide it.

i''ve been coping lately with self''s awakening, my inner connection to who i know myself to be, and my outer perceivable self, which i feel i have never known but other people seem to, she wrote in a lengthy post to her Instagram Wednesday.

ive been covering mirrors lately. ive been feeling wrong wearing something that used to make me feel good lately. i am usually crying a lot lately, sometimes terrorizing by my identity and image, sometimes in constant flux with something new and peripheral and joyous to me.

The actress, 26, revealed that she isn''t quite sure if she has learned who she is yet, but that sometimes she is able to seize.

the self finds ways of showing up anyway, tumbling in enough to hint at who we might be if we didnt feel we needed to be everything but the self, she said.

The Liv and Maddie alum also discussed how sexuality and performative gender norms are chasing [her] for a loop and that social media, branding, and constantly sharing her life with strangers have a positive impact on her mental health.

Originally, she found this is a modern problem that was not designed with human health in mind.

Cameron told her 47.3 million Instagram followers that she is attempting to take herself a breath and not punish herself for failing to understand her own feelings, and that she wants to show anyone else struggling with the same feelings that they are not alone.

we all deserve a life unburdened by the societal identity, we all deserve to unlearn self abuse and self hatred. she wrote. i am now on my journey. and im sharing to that we may all feel more comfortable in a conversation that may be confusing, and we may navigate something that feels difficult to put to words, together. human, first.

Emotion is COOL. dysphoria is OK. living as a human is INTENSE. we all are holding hands. dont forget.

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