Scott Disick is slammed for molesting Kendall Jenner

Scott Disick is slammed for molesting Kendall Jenner ...

The Kardashians is an open story about the famous Kardashian family''s lives. Whether it be the Kim-Kanye drama or the Kourtney-Travisromance, the family is always in the news. The confrontation between Scott Disick and Kendall Jenner has remained constant, with the model showing how Scott was victimizing himself during their fight.

The Kardashians episode on May 12th, where Kendall and Scott Disick argued about him not being invited to her special birthday dinner. The May 19th episode picks up exactly where they left off, with Kendall storming off and venting at her sister Kourtney''s place. Now that it''s hostile, Kendall recalled Kourtney and her sister Khloe Kardashian.

He''s continuously talking with me, and im like, I do that. I have had enough toxic relationships, and I''m incapable of holding it anymore. I have slowed myself.

So I stand up and I am like, I''m out of here. At the end of the day, its really not my place. It''s about them two.

According to Eonline, the 26-year-old had a few additional things off her chest about the argument in a confessional.

[Scott] was victimizing himself, he was slandering everyone involved, whom I have no ill intentions towards. And I love him and would always want him around, so it just enraged me.

In an interview, Kourtney said, "I just cannot have the energy for this," and I feel like I am living a different life. I am unsubscribing from this drama. Khloe said it clear that she cannot simply back down since it puts everyone else in a lock.

We agreed to talk to Scott and establish some real boundaries because everybody else is in the middle. I do believe you should say, Hey, moving forward, stop talking to my family about things. You ask me if I am comfortable, stop putting everyone else in the middle. Done. This week, we believe you should be more responsible.

He is not going to [Kourtney, because he knows he cant get out of her. So hes going to [Kendall], the least combative, but thats so fked up he''s gonna prey on you. That''s actually fking rude.

Despite the fact that Scott and Kendall had resolved their disagreements at the end of the episode, they had been reconciled.

You immediately attacked me and that, to me, took me back and I was like, Oh, I dont like this. I shut off, immediately im trying to defend myself, defend the situation, and it was then riled. We love you and I absolutely have no desire for anything drama or weird happening.

Scott appeared to agree in a confessional, saying, "For me, with Kendall, it felt horrifying that we came to a place where we couldn''t even speak normally to each other to figure out what was happening." However, as Kendall realizes, transitioning to a new normal after Kourtneys engagement will just require a little more effort.

I think this is exactly where we are going right now. I have faith it will figure itself out, but I just think it''ll take a while to figure out it.

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