Carnival Cruise Line Returns the Love Boats

Carnival Cruise Line Returns the Love Boats ...

During the 1977-1987 run of "The Love Boat," many people saw a cruise ship -- The Pacific Princess." The program, which aired on ABC on Saturday nights back when there were only three television networks, provided an idealized view of the romantic aspects for passengers on the cruise.

"Love Boat" featured a wide variety of guest stars who were either playing newlyweds, people who fell in love aboard, or passengers who flirted with the better-looking crew members. It was fantasy mixed with a lot of reality as to what cruising looked like in the late ''70s through the ''80s.

Dinners were more formal than you expect on a typical Carnival Cruise Line (CCL) - Get Carnival Corporation Report or Royal Caribbean Cruise (RCL) - Right now, and the ship itself was modest by today''s standards (it transported about 600 passengers). Those passengers, however, did one thing reliably they fell in love sometimes even getting married onboard.

Cruise ships became wedding destinations because of the idea of getting married at sea. It''s an idea that lasted long after the show ended (and several reboots failed).

Carnival had not returned to sea due to its sudden illness.

It has changed a lot now, and Carnival has plans for both weddings and vow renewals on the sea.


Carnival Reintroduces Weddings (but Not Quite Yet)

Carnival has reopened in July, despite having to close one of its signature restaurants and making other changes due to problems mostly in the United States. The government is rushing to process visas for crew to work.

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Weddings and vow renewals will be rescheduled on Carnival ships, but not until September.

Carnival has been the leading wedding operator in the cruise industry for decades, so we are very excited to restart our wedding program for our guests who have been dangling to commemorate their nuptials on board our ships, according to Operations Vice President David Schiller.

It''s what we do to help our guests create special memories, and the moment to assist them in completing their wedding dreams is coming!

Carnival has not offered weddings onboard since being forced to shut down its operations in March 2020.

Carnival Offers Unique Weddings

Carnival competes with Walt Disney (DIS) - Get Walt Disney Company Report and other destinations for couples looking to create a memorable wedding or vow renewal.

Disney''s theme park includes a variety of venues for weddings and will marry people on its Disney Wish cruise ship. The theme-park chain also has a line of wedding dresses inspired by its cartoon princesses.

Carnival does not offer its own dress line, but it also allows couples to plan their own weddings.

Carnival''s special team of trained wedding planners has arranged wedding and vow renewal ceremonies to commemorate the couple''s lifetime. Guests may choose from ceremonies at sea aboard a Carnival ship, on embarkation day, and invite guests who are not sailing and may be debarked after the ceremony. Guests may also choose from port of call locations.

People who book weddings can pick everything from music to decor and photo packages, according to the cruise line. Carnival Team also matches people who plan the wedding with the Weddings, which includes everything from intimate celebrations to large gatherings.

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