In 1.5 seconds, Bentley's new EV market entry accelerates from 0 to 60 mph

In 1.5 seconds, Bentley's new EV market entry accelerates from 0 to 60 mph ...

Bentley is making a super-fast start to the electric vehicle market with the fastest passenger electric vehicle on the road. The century-old British automotive brand recognized worldwide for its excellence in quality and luxury.

Bentley previously announced that its Beyond100 electrification strategy would go all-electric by 2030, with the help of five new BEVs, which will arrive every year from 2025.

In just 1.5 seconds, Bentley''s first electric vehicle will achieve 1,400 horsepower (1,044 kilowatts) and accelerate from 0-60 mph (0-100 kph). In a drag race, this new Bentley would destroy both the Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance (1,111 HP) and Tesla Model S Plaid (1,020 HP. Both electric vehicles are currently on the road, but they are expected to speed the same acceleration.

Hallmark outlined some of the iconic specs and pricing of the first battery-electric vehicle in a recent interview with Automotive News Europe.

Despite a lack of a single 100 percent electric vehicle, Hallmark said the company is making a big entry into the market.

The new BEV will be based on the premium platform electric (PPE) developed by Porsche and Audi sibling divisions within the VW Group and Bentleys owners since 1998. The PPE will offer Bentleys electric vehicle battery technology, drive units, and body systems, along with autonomous and connected vehicle capabilities.

The first electric Bentley will be manufactured at the vehicle manufacturer''s plant in Crewe, England.

The incredible acceleration

Hallmark described the shady acceleration in the coming electric vehicle as a primary selling point, but instead, it''s the effortless overtaking from torque on demand. Generally, people will be pushing 30 to 70 mph (50-113 kph) acceleration, but in Germany, they will be twice that with the BEV. But from a 0 to 60 mph point of view, the reaction is mild. The reaction of 2.4 seconds to 60 mph (100 kph) is incredible ten

For customers, you may choose to go from 0 to 60 mph (0-100 kph) in 1.5 seconds or 2.7 seconds, depending on whether or not 2.7 seconds is slow.

Hallmark did not offer any additional specs, but stated that its design would include the Continental GT coupe, the Flying Spur sedan, and the Bentayga SUV. Hallmark also stated that they will not attempt and make it look like electric cars.

For the bad news, Hallmark said that at least one component of the vehicle will cost more than $262,000 (25 million euros).

We know that we all want to witness this amazing acceleration when it comes to being too costly or non.

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