Kim Kardashian looked fantastic in her 90s outfit, according to Carmen Electra

Kim Kardashian looked fantastic in her 90s outfit, according to Carmen Electra ...

At least one person enjoys seeing Kim Kardashian wearing an iconic vintage dress.

In April, the founder of Skims posted a photo on Instagram in a revealing replica of Carmen Electra''s white backless dress.

And on Wednesday, the 50-year-old Baywatch beauty had just a few things to say about Kardashians'' adopting the sexy style.

Kim, we had a family in the previous years, and I think she looked fantastic in that outfit, according to Electra.

In 1998, I wore thatStephen Sprousedress for theMTV Movie Awards and remembered it being aggressive for the time. I believe her style is always on point, and I love that she is inspired by the 90s.

Kardashian praised Electra as the most beautiful and forever the style icon in the comments.

The dress had a clear strap holding the [it] on. It was a mystery as to how this dress remained on. My boobs were kind of engulfed out of the dress, and I literally was on every Worst Dressed list in that dress, the Playboy fixturetoldVogue in 2017 her gravity-defying gown.

I was curious about it [recently] and I was happy to say, Its so covered today. In the 1990s, it was really difficult [if] you wanted to wear sexy clothes.

Kardashian, of course, isn''t stranger to sultry styles, but her choice to wear Marilyn Monroe''s 60s-era Happy Birthday and Mr. President dress at the 2022 Met Gala isn''t relaxing with everyone.

A number of Monroe experts were outraged to see the shapewear mogul wearing the sacred museum piece, and a Riverdale actress slammed her for accepting that she was so fucked that Kardashian admitted she would lose 16 pounds in just a few weeks to fit into the garment, which had no effect on it.

Bob Mackie, the design genius who created the original Jean Louis design decades ago, described it as a major mistake for Kardashian to wear it on the carpet, adding that it was done for [Monroe], and it was designed for her. Nobody else should be seen in that dress.

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