Eve Online has launched Eve Anywhere, which allows play via browsers

Eve Online has launched Eve Anywhere, which allows play via browsers ...

Have you ever wondered if you could see a game from anywhere? Perhaps you''re on a plane or want to keep an eye on the auction house. Or you need to ensure your fleet is safe. If you''re an Eve Online player, here''s how you can see it.

CCP Games has just the answer. Today is Eve Anywhere, which allows Eve Online players to have access to the game via a browser. It is now available for players in the United States and selected European countries, with additional games coming soon.

The new service, powered by Intel, is available on the cloud to players who have previously been limited by hardware. It allows anyone to play anywhere they want, and you may even switch between the browser and the game client.

Over 86,000 sessions on Eve Anywhere in Europe were streamed in August of 2021. These sessions provided valuable information to ensure a smooth launch to the public.

EVE Anywhere was incredibly positive by those who tried it in beta over the past year. We appreciate you Capsuleers who tried it out and shared valuable feedback to assist us improve the experience. According to Bergur Finnbogason, EVE Online''s Creative Director, we were finally able to get EVE Anywhere in your hands no matter your browser preferences.

To regain their account and click the launch Eve Online button, all players must do so. It is recommended that players have at least 25Mbps connection speeds.

For more information about Eve Online, please visit Eve News.

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