Meet with the world's top product leaders

Meet with the world's top product leaders ...

Amplitude''s presentation

The digital product world is overcrowded. People have a smorgasbord of choice options, making customers difficult to gain and even harder to keep. This is why organizations around the world are adopting a product-led approach. They know the only way they can win in today''s hyper-competitive environment is to have the best product out there.

A fresh generation of leaders has been introduced by the adoption of product-led strategies. These product managers, designers, and visionaries have tended to be behind-the-scenes. But they have evolved into the most powerful people in the business.

Today, product teams are tasked with driving business growth, according to Justin Bauer, a product manager at Amplitude. Ive seen firsthand how innovative, curious, and data-driven leaders can transform product teams, organizations and industries at-large.

The judges were able to better understand these product leaders, from how they think to how they lead to influencing the status quo, according to Bauer. We gained the knowledge to be confident that product people are driving their business forward, and we are so delighted that this list will honor 50 of the world''s top product leaders.

Selecting the Product 50 winners

The first Product 50 winners are the new guard in product leadership. They are innovators who transform old-fashioned businesses into it-players, and provide guidance to the most successful teams through the product development process. Fifty individuals were selected to the list across ten categories, with one individual named winner for each category.

All category winners demonstrate a deep understanding of the customer journey and experience. This group represents co-founders, those who established their own teams within their company, and leaders on the cutting edge of technology. The top 10 winners are outlined below, but you may check out the full list here.

Meet the 2022 Product 50 winners

The Most Admired Product Leader

What up-and-coming product leaders aspire to be

Jen Carter

  • Title: Product Manager & Head of Technical Team,
  • Company: Google
  • About: Jen is the global head of technology at, Googles philanthropic arm, leading all of Googles pro bono efforts. In 2019, she founded the Fellowship, which enables Googlers (PMs, UXers, SWEs and more) to work full-time with nonprofits and civic entities, building products that address some of the worlds toughest challenges including the COVID-19 pandemic, systemic racism, economic relief and sustainability. Her projects have been recognized in TIMEs 100 Best Inventions of the Year and Fast Companys World Changing Ideas.

Large Company, the Best Product Leader

Working at a company with 1,000+ employees and has been instrumental to the success of its products.

Sravanthi Kadali

  • Title: Group Product Manager, Rider App
  • Company: Lyft
  • About: Sravanthi has been behind many of the most visible Lyft app product updates of the past four years, shaping Lyft into a recognized design leader. She now heads most of Lyfts core rider app experience, leading a team of seven product managers and a large cross-functional organization. In 2018, Sravanthi launched Lyfts largest redesign to date, for which she and her team won a Google Material Design Award. Sravanthi is also a voice for women in product, speaking at the Women in Product Conference in 2020.

Midsize Company''s Best Product Leader

Works at a company with 100 to 1,000 employees and has contributed to the success of its products.

Vijaysai Patnaik''s mother is a youngster.

  • Title: Head of Product
  • Company: Applied Intuition
  • About: As Head of Product, Vijay is responsible for Applied Intuitions entire product portfolio, which includes more than six revenue-generating products. From his background launching the worlds first autonomous ride-hailing service at Waymo, he understands what it takes to deploy a complex product safely into the real world, how to work with customers across different countries and cultures, and how to run each product like a business of its own. At Applied Intuition, he is enabling companies across different industries and geographies to develop autonomous vehicles safely by providing cutting-edge tools for AV development.

Small Business, the Best Product Leader

Work at a firm with less than 100 employees and has been instrumental to the success of its products.

Tulsi Dharmarajan is the subject of a series of studies.

  • Title: Former Head of Product
  • Company: Wheel
  • About: As the former Head of Product at Wheel and a fractional CPO, Tulsi builds elegant solutions for difficult problems. She designed and refined Wheels white-labeled, easy-to-use virtual health care platform that has delivered more than a million consults in the last year. Tulsis ability to work with sales and marketing has helped her excel at taking products to market early and innovating rapidly. At Wheel, shes had incredible success in understanding and building a platform for delivering virtual health care in the era of COVID-19, a time when the healthcare landscape seems to change every day.

The Most Promising Product Up-and-Comer

Not an executive yet, but he is sure to make headlines in the product world one day.

Zen Liu Zhanhong

  • Title: Senior Product Manager
  • Company: LingoAce
  • About: Zen is a senior product manager at LingoAce, where he instills a culture of experimentation within the product team. A privacy and compliance expert, Zen has built a fully automated, end-to-end process that enables users to easily manage their personal data and data-sharing preferences. In his previous role at Rakuten Viki, Zen defined the companys product strategy, roadmap and vision for two product verticals, ultimately improving new users conversion rate by more than 15% and enhancing the internal tooling platform to improve operational efficiency by around 70%. Zen is a strong believer in imparting knowledge to the next generation of aspiring product managers, serving as a mentor for the Rakuten Product Mentorship Program (Women in Tech @ Singapores Nanyang Technological University) and sharing his learnings on Medium, which have garnered over 18K views as of February 2022.

The Best Digital-Native Product Leader

Works for a technology-native corporation and has contributed to the success of its products.

Karen Ng

  • Title: VP of Product and Data
  • Company: Common Room
  • About: Karen, the VP of Product and Data at Common Room, joined its team in 2021 to build a world-class product management organization. Karen is an established product leader with a clear track record of creating products that make peoples lives better at a scale of millions. Her previous roles include Director of Product Management at Google, where she led the Android and Wearable Developer product lines and created Jetpack Compose, Chief of Staff at Microsoft, transforming culture from closed to open source, and a product leader in the early days of Azure DevOps and the C# programming language. She cares deeply about culture, inclusive tech, and always pushing what could be.
  • Headshot link

The Best Digital Transformation Product Leader

Works for a non-tech-native company and assisted it in the creation or enhancement of its digital products.

Lisa Yokoyama

  • Title: Head of Product for Amex Digital Labs
  • Company: American Express
  • About: Lisa Yokoyama is the Vice President and Head of Product within American Expresss innovation lab, driving the product vision, strategy, and roadmap for enterprise-wide digital solutions. She oversees a team of product leaders focused on AI-driven automation, digital commerce, and next-generation products and services for American Express customers. She founded the digital payments practice with a team of two to launch American Express Cards in the mobile wallets and today oversees a suite of products driving daily customer engagement across millions of American Express Card Members globally. Lisa leads with an external perspective. As an emerging payments and technologies expert within the organization, shes an advisor and educator across all levels of the company and provides insight on opportunities to American Expresss largest merchant partners.

Leader in Product Design

The brains behind a product known for its intuitive, dependable, and pleasant user experience

Filip Stollar

  • Title: Co-founder and Head of Design
  • Company: Deepnote
  • About: Filip Stollar is Co-Founder and Head of Design at Deepnote, a collaborative notebook built for data science teams. His design and vision are at the heart of Deepnotes technology and mission: to bring a seamless, collaborative experience to data science teams through a simplified and intuitive design interface. His understanding of his field stretches beyond the design realm and into software development as well, which allows him to envision the end-to-end design process in a way that levels up product development and workflow efficiencies while earning team confidence around his processes. Outside of Deepnote, Filip is the creator of the largest Figma presentation template directory and is the co-creator of the largest Notion template marketplace.

The Best Product Influencer

Has a track record of achieving great products and has now made it a priority to enhance product knowledge across industries.

Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia

  • Title: Founder and CEO
  • Company: Product School
  • About: Carlos is the CEO and founder of Product School, the global leader in product management training with a community of over one million product professionals. Product Schools certificates are the most industry-recognized credentials by employers hiring product managers. In the years since launching the Product School, Carlos has launched several complementary offerings for product managers including product management-related podcasts, awards, events, and books. In 2021, Carlos helped raise Product Schools Series A funding round to support the companys growing customer and employee base.

The Best Nonprofit Product Leader

Has aided a non-profit organization in developing a professional digital product.

Christina Yida Hu

  • Title: Head of Product, ZOE COVID Study
  • Company: ZOE
  • About: Christina Yida Hu is the Head of Product for the ZOE COVID Study at ZOE, a health science company using data-driven research to tackle the worlds health issues. By leading the ZOE COVID Symptom Study, Christina enables the public to collectively fight COVID-19 by contributing to vital scientific research. To do this, Christina developed AI models to predict local hotspots, which helped influence government policy and public health decisions and substantially supported the identification of participants for COVID vaccine trials, treatment studies and plasma donation initiatives. The largest longitudinal epidemiological study of its kind, the ZOE COVID app boasts over 4.7 million users and is ranked number 1 for Health & Fitness in the U.K. amongst people aged 45yrs+ (per App Annies State of Mobile 2022).

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